Apr 03 2015

Using imagery SEO to get the competitive edge

Using imagery SEO to get the competitive edgeImagery use is more often an overlooked aspect in the discussion of SEO topics. It can be considered as the blind spot which is underutilized in most cases. There are times when image SEO doesn’t receive enough and deserved column space. However, it means that a fruitful opportunity lies ahead to provide the competitive advantage which the websites seek. Similarly, some people tend to wonder how images influence the search results. They might have doubts over how images raise the possibility of people discovering a site.

Presently, search engine Google is highly inclined to have imagery in the key search results pages. In many cases, the images appear on uppermost part which is the target of some websites. Unlike the old and conventional text related results, it is the image that is more likely to grab the attention.

The search engine result pages of Google are used by humans and images have a say. On Moz, it was Kally Allen who summed up the equation between SEO and imagery. She threw light on her own search methods and that of her husband. While searching any recipe, she settles on the tastiest appearing dish. Imaging scanning is also done to get the one which is liked most and click through that recipe. Her husband prefers visual option against text related alternatives.

Images are a hit in social media with more user click registered through images. A study reveals that 19 % higher click through rates and 150% extra tweets were the result of increased use of images in Twitter. High quality and appealing images are likely to have more positive influence upon Facebook click through rates.

There is plenty of evidence revealing that viewers and searchers prefer content which accompanies images. A theory reveals that human memory retains image related information more concretely. It has a long lasting impact upon the consumers and customers. On-picture, off page, and On-page are the three key areas for consideration while making improvements with image SEO.

Images should go through a stage prior to uploading and conventional formatting size is more suitable. The image can be within 320 and 1280 pixel with regard to size. Four or six word file name and image description is fine. Copyright notice should be included and the image needs to be compressed to almost 60-80% of real size.

On page elements can improve the image in HTML code with some easy to follow steps. Text of this file name can be a keyword with the content which can increase its chances of being ranked higher. High quality content may harm its chances to rank well in search results. Some factors beyond image page contribute to the search position such as quality internal linking. Higher the image copies seen by Google better are the chances of Google giving it priority. A proper internal linking skeletal helps the bot to reach and index the page.

Databases and searchable sites could be the right location to search images based on a topic. It may require creating an account or more. There are many other ways of finding the choice of image.

Image credit: czany

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Mar 10 2015

What it takes to get Search Engine Optimization to work

What it takes to get Search Engine Optimization to workThe strategy for SEO functioning once revolved around identification of keywords relevant to the business, received maximum traffic and weren’t quite competitive. It was all about figuring out five to ten keywords which were ‘golden’ and inserting it within the major part of traffic. Those focusing mainly on a limited group of the generic keywords are unlikely to be found in searches by maximum people. The truth is not a single keyword or a smaller group will drive substantial traffic to any site.

In the present times, SEO is primarily driven by the natural language search. It involves people      engaged in searches which are mainly in form of normal questions instead of one or two keywords. The reason behind such happenings is the increased use of tools such as Google Now and Siri. It speaks the searches of people compared to merely typing them. These days’ people include more details into their own typed searches while looking for their needs. As such, these are more relevant owing to the inclusion of more details and traffic out of such keywords provide higher conversion rate.

SEO firms aim for high rankings as the output in order to sell due to emotional satisfaction. However, unless it leads to better sales or lead generation, there isn’t a point in achieving such rankings. The time taken for this SEO to generate many leads and sales depends on certain factors. How long the site has been there, SEO done with it, link profile, content quality and other factors are mainly responsible. Mentioned below is about the efforts and the outcomes it might bring.

First month:

Keyword strategy, planning, website audit, research & discovery should be done fast. It will allow the technical changes to take place in the first month itself.

Second month:

Depending upon site audit outcomes, start the technical work such as making certain adjustments

and modification. Overhauling the website could take months to actually happen. Consequently, content building and link building could be done simultaneously during this period.

Third month:

Focus on the creation of content which includes blogging, FAQs, expanded company and products information etc. Improvement in the rankings might be visible at the month end. Whenever these translate into either leads or sales, then it could be even better.

Fourth month:

Continuing content building, website optimization, and developing healthy link profile take place. A marked rise in rankings, website traffic and leads can be expected.

Fifth month:

The content may be amplified by incorporating the social (new) media management to increase the direct traffic. It may lead to natural and healthy link profile to generate leads ultimately. Content creation along with media outreach and PR activities can be pursued at this juncture

Sixth month

Add conversion rate optimization into overall efforts in order to improve upon the traffic received converting into both leads and sales. Focus on the content creation and its promotion from this juncture onwards. SEO is undoubtedly a marketing strategy which takes place over a longer period of time. With proper planning, it can provide the best possible return on investment.

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Mar 02 2015

Link building pros, cons and significance in the near future

Link building pros, cons and significance in the near future To ensure a successful SEO, the importance of link building cannot be ignored. There was a time when achieving a high rank in the search engines wasn’t a problem. However, Google started imposing various restrictions to check the rules violating practices. SEOs responded to this by showing respect to the limits which were imposed on them. Presently, the companies cannot rank high in Google by mere exploitation of unsustainable techniques which are against the limits. Link building involves optimization of a website through quality original content and right practices to gain the legitimate back links. There are quite positive indications of Google valuing links as a parameter with search ranking. Some of the highly reliable and important changes to methods in link building can be guessed as below:

Links remain an important part of Algorithm   

In terms of being a favorable search factor, linking isn’t going anywhere. These are deeply embedded into the algorithm to be extricated completely. It is not possible to get an algorithm which disregards links.

Algorithm will be more accustomed to illegal forms in link building

Google maintains the recognition and penalty of the illegal techniques of link building. It may continue as with each of the penguin iteration, there is tightening against the spam related link building. Google will never support spam in every dark and disgraceful form. Algorithm may turn smarter to observe the hidden evils in linking which should not be rewarded.

The algorithm may move towards powerful alternate signals

Google is likely to be staying away from considering link as the ranking factor. The key algorithm

changes aim to fight spam, particularly spammy back links. Similarly, there should be something for its replacement as the ranking factor. Among the options, Google has shown the things which improve the quality of a site. Content is the one which should be well written, long form, and high quality. Security is a factor as https ranking signals algorithm indicates.

The algorithm may prefer to view brand authority, co-occurrence and co-citation

The non-direct link building forms i.e. co-occurrence and co-citation are factors which are pre-assumed elements of algorithm. They’ll keep on rising in terms of significance and brand authority is a parallel reason. As per some observations, SEO and brand authority are blended into just one strong search entity. A brand’s authority and strength isn’t dependable on cultural hatchet anymore but only with overall referencing and online presence along digital landscape.

Evolution of search practices in users

Flexible technology is more common which is gradually leading to decline in traditional search techniques. It is not possible to predict the direction where the user search techniques are moving into. Dependency on Google has decreased as the marquee factor with link authority and rankings.

A rise in the social search

Many people conduct searches along their individual social networks and don’t trust Google. For example, when people want to know best brand of lifestyle shoes, users tend to query their individual social network and not Google. Social media is rising constantly in the functional usage.

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Jan 26 2015

Keep Your Online Reputation Guarded

Don't Let Your Online Reputation Bring You DownBelieve it or not, there are some successful ways to repair a damaged reputation via the search engines.

Often people don’t realize that their comments and actions on the web get archived and sometimes when someone is searching for you they’ll run into some information that might contain negative things about you or your business. These items cannot be totally removed from the internet but in some countries they can be removed from search engines.

Read more …

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Sep 25 2013

Importance of Rel=Author Tag and Its Significance towards Google Authorship

People who are aware of different search optimization aspects might also know the importance of the tag known as “rel=author”. This tag actually helps in establishing authority in results offered by Google search. The declaration of the authorship makes articles appear with the image of person who has written it in search results presented by Google.

The best part about this tag is that it makes articles distinct from other articles and even presents the visitor with several other articles penned by the person when they click on the byline. If a person wants a logo to turn up instead of an image then that isn’t possible presently. Real person images are required for authorship. It is also possible for a person to attribute authorship towards any page. But, that can be achieved only on pages which have actually been penned by that person consisting clear byline. Search optimization like authorship to forum posts is not at all possible.

Multiple authorships are another thing which hasn’t yet been addressed by Google and limited to one person only. However, future updates might make that possible too. Authorship when not required (i.e. images not appearing beside articles), it is better not to add markup so as to make Goggle+ profile undiscoverable. Google+ profile can be connected to some specific page with the help of “rel=author”. Businesses of different types can connect Google+ Page along with their websites with the assistance of a tag known as “rel=publisher”. These are crucial for making websites better optimized.

Author Bio: Tony Rollan provides consulting services for Local SEO Tampa (http://www.localseotampa.com/) and he is an author of many articles on topics of web and internet marketing  Author also writes about information technology, social media and business.

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Jul 04 2013

Matt Cutts on SEO, website quality and webspam

Matt-Cutts-Google-SEOHere is another post on what Matt Cutts has to say about search engine optimization, quality of websites and web spam. We maintain reminding our readers that Matt Cutts is the chief leader of web spam team at Google. Like always, the YouTube channel was the medium of clarification on three common but critical topics – SEO, website quality and web spam.

The first subject that he chose to speak about was web spam. He mentioned that Google is going to send more detailed information about web spam to webmasters. This would help to determine what steps they should implement to make their websites better. In this context, Cutts mentioned that Google has developed a new tool that would allow his team to include more URLs and other stuff that would help webmasters ensure that their websites are improved quickly. He did mention that the new tool may require more changes and will be released after some time. He described the work done so far as good start.

Use of stock photography was the second matter that he chose to address. One of the users had asked whether stock photographs impact the website and SEO negatively and whether original photographs make any positive impact. The answer to both parts of the question from the Google engineer was “no”. However, he did mention that original photographs have the potential to improve the rank of the website in the long run. Cutts seemed to be referring to the quality of the website by positive impact.

The third topic that he discussed was about linking two or more websites and whether linking two or more of his websites on the same subject by the webmaster is good or bad for Search Engine Optimization. As Cutts has always maintained, linking of two or more websites was totally approved by him. According to him, a webmaster puts all his websites at risk when he links all of them irrespective of relevance. It appears to be a network of links and attracts penalty. That does not mean websites on similar subjects cannot be linked.

Like always, there was his usual advice for creating a good website with comprehensive content and relevant keywords instead of innovating one lazy tactic after the other. The scope of spam is getting bleaker because of advancements in filtering techniques. Therefore, the best SEO is that offers long-term success.

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Apr 21 2013

Questions Associated with Link Purchasing, 301 Redirects and PageRanks Answered by Google’s Matt Cutts

Picture Credit : nineeye.com

Picture Credit : nineeye.com

Matt Cutts, SEO expert and webspam head at Google, is a one-stop solution provider for matters related to SEO and helping out users all over in making their sites to rank higher in when one searches in Google.

At the discussion, the first question was with the usage of 301 redirects and how it influences PageRank. Using 301s are now an all-time high as most of the users believe that it helps in preserving PageRank than normal links. Matt said otherwise, as he believes that as normal weblinks and 301s carry pretty similar weight, it’s the user’s responsibility to make his preferred choice.

Backlinks related questions were next as one user asked on how some sites, mainly consisting of backlinks that are of poor quality, succeeds in qualifying higher for some particular keywords. Matt was quick to identify that and answered that in such cases the algorithm fails to gather everything. Chances also exists that the weblinks seen by the user  might not be the full picture of the website. Such a thing suggests that their exists some very good backlinks to the site which was missed by the user, resulting in casting a false cover in showing that the website was full of SEO spam.

Before the discussion got wrapped up, the last topic for the day was linked to the websites which are selling links. If it comes to the picture that a particular website is engaging itself in selling weblinks, then all those links coming from that particular website shall not be trusted in future, and it’ll get heavily penalized, which will result in massive loss of PageRank of that website. If, by any chance, a user comes in possessing links from this particular website, then the user won’t be facing a penalty for it but the PageRank which got accumulated during the process will get reduced.

The business of SEO is a tricky one for those who are not 100% sure of the concept. One needs to appreciate the efforts of Matt for making time from his schedule and answering such complicated questions linked to SEO and helping in putting light to such complex subjects that have posed complications and problems since its inception.

The option of trial-and-error is a popular practice for most users who are delving into the concept of SEO‘s. So, one needs to pay extra attention to these discussions and Matt’s advices, before one starts on practicing plenty for optimizing sites. As the concept of SEO is always in the process of changing every day, it’s up to the users to stay updated regarding the process and getting oneself notified with the recent developments surrounding it.

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Apr 08 2013

SEO Questions Answered by Matt Cutts

Google’s Matt Cutts recently clarified some questions regarding SEO in his channel on Youtube. The first among these is that whether websites will requires lot of texts. This question came from a user who experienced bounce rate reduction when he opted for more images than texts.

However Matt Cutts still believes that texts will always be of great importance to Google. In cases where one’s site mainly comprises of images, then one should include the texts in the “Alt” tag. On the other hand if images itself includes some text, then one should type in the text in that “Alt” tag which shall enable the search engines to see it. One can also opt for the Google Web Fonts that results in great content and design of the site which encourages user interaction in a more massive way. Also, one can still “Copy+Paste” the texts, which is important for a great user experience.

The next question regarding SEO was related to the nofollow links, where a user asked Mr. Cutts that how can Google differentiate between legal links to popular sites without using nofollow and creating paid links. Google becomes extra-careful when determining links as paid. After all, it has severe consequences and it hates to penalize a website without any reason. Before a website gets penalized, it usually does have a long history of its usage of paid links, which will no longer be trusted later.

In other words, if one links to something and not get paid for that, then the thing is probably okay. This is the reason, links will always exist. One just needs to be honest and transparent with their practices and work, and everything will work great.

This SEO thing can prove to be quite tricky and one can get involved easily in its fine details. But now and then, it is always important to step back for a while and view the bigger picture at display, even if one has to let go of the fiddly bits. That is okay, as optimization and web design is about giving the user the best experience possible. One just needs to see that it is worthwhile for the people, and the results will always follow. All these answers certainly would help the professionals learn about the recommended ways to do SEO.

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Mar 30 2013

Dental SEO can Really Change the Fortunes of a Dentist’s Website

Picture Credit : dentalseosites.com

Picture Credit : dentalseosites.com

Internet has spread its reach beyond imagination. It has actually become one of those necessities in our lives without which it is difficult to carry out our regular tasks. It’s directly or indirectly associated with our personal and professional lives. Search engines are regarded as the platforms which provide the different results for the search people make online. A dental website needs an appropriate dental SEO to help it out beat the competition. The purpose of deploying these SEO strategies is to ensure that those website attract the targeted traffic which increases manifolds with time. It would directly contribute towards the profits of the company while making the company stand out among the other competitors.

It needs to be mentioned that a dentist needs to have the perfect dental SEO implemented for his website. It not only helps in the online presence of the dentist and the services but also adds to the offline economic activity to attract larger patients. The process starts with selection of the right set of keywords which defines the possibilities for the website. For those dentists wishing that their website arrives among the top results on the search engines it is very important to select the most appropriate keyword which is well placed within the contents of the website. One of the other things which shape up the SEO prospects of the Dentist website is the linking strategies adopted. It is essential that the website gets linked to popular yet strong sites. Quality of those websites would definitely decide how well the dentist website would be performing.

Most of the SEO experts would be aware that the popularity of a website gets determined by the pages it gets linked to. So the more links a website creates, the better it is for the health of the website. While linking the link builder should ensure that trustable sites have been linked to. The primary goal of any dentist needs to be to make efforts for increasing the amount of links pointing towards the website. Building more and more links on a continuous basis would make the site stronger and help it get popular. One of the other aspects of a strong dental SEO is to provide correct information to the visitor on the website. The content has to be rich in quality and deliver the best possible information.

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Mar 26 2013

Google Panda Update To Make Things Better

SEO is thing which has kept people engrossed and to an extent confused to understand the best ways to keep their website up in the rankings. One of the best ways to follow ethical norms and keep unwanted penalties away is to stay updated with latest algorithm changes by the Search Giant Google. Among the many updates Google Panda is a major update which Google has been doing from time to time. The search giant uses these Panda for determining rankings of websites over its search engine. The updates of panda determine the attributes through which it lists websites. The main aim of Google through Panda is to keep a strong hold the spammers and keep penalize them from wrong actions.

The latest Panda update is scheduled to be there in the end of the week or beginning of the next one. It is something big for all the website owners particularly the ones who take efforts to rank their websites on Google. Panda was released in 2011 and ever since then it has witnessed great changes in an urge make the top sites list on top. However the fact that no one is actually enlightened of the best ways to counter these changes by Google makes it difficult for many to get the best results. The only way to analyze if the changes have affected one’s website is to check an increase or the decrease in the traffic levels. In case a website gets a surge in the traffic it indicates that SEO methods have been wrong somewhere. However if there is an increase in traffic it reflects that the methods used have been great and as per the desired norms of Panda.

The task of keeping the right SEO techniques in place and listing well on Google is one of the most challenging tasks. However there are hosts of things which when abided by can help in preparing and preventing any drop in rankings for a particular website. The best things to do is to stay updated on these norms and consistently read the rules and regulations released by Search engines particularly Google. The best thing to do is keeping away the possibility of any spammy content or links being built for a website. This could really ruin the possibilities of doing well over the search engines.

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