New Marketing Trends and Strategies

New Marketing Trends and Strategies in 2020

Marketing is not just a kind of activity, it is a living organism that develops, changes, and evolves with us. To succeed in the marketplace, any business needs to follow and be guided by this process.

We’ve explored a few of the top marketing trends that are set to gain traction. Start implementing them now to stay at the forefront of the market for the next year!

User-Generated Content

Instead of producing content yourself, encourage your subscribers to create it. Make your product packaging so attractive that customers want to post a photo of it in a story or share it with friends in a post.

Provide the service in such a way that you would like to talk about it with a mention of the brand. This content is free, and it serves as a recommendation from friends, which is trusted more than advertising content. It is important that users make such messages organically, and not with the help of challenges and contests.

Is SEO dead?

SEO is buried every year. But it doesn’t die, it just evolves. With the release of Google’s new BERT algorithm, which has become much better at understanding the meaning of texts, now you will definitely have to forget about spamming keys in content and meta tags.

Focus on creating more natural and expert content. Also, pay attention to micro-markup by content type on pages and optimization for voice search.

According to some studies, about 70% of users flip through paid ads, preferring organic search results. Therefore, SEO promotion is alive and well.


Another powerful trend is the creation of content using augmented or virtual reality. AR masks that work with the user’s smartphone selfie camera and games with augmented reality have already appeared on the Instagram network.

This technology combines impressive ease-of-use by users and is growing in popularity. In addition, augmented reality solutions encourage users to produce and distribute the very same User-Generated Content.

Interactive content

Content that not only conveys information, but interacts with the user, and, moreover, makes it interesting, bringing new impressions, is of increasing importance.

In 2020, brands will need to seek and find new original solutions, not only in how they will speak to their customers but also in what exactly is said. Society is becoming more and more information-rich, and in addition to the form of your message, its content will become more important.

Adapting content for smartphones

Already now, users receive most of the content not from a PC, but from the screens of gadgets, and in the future, this figure will only grow. Therefore, the display of information is increasingly being adapted for vertical reproduction.

In addition, subtitles are added to the video so that it is convenient to watch them without including sound. While the video turns from horizontal to vertical, then scrolling does the opposite transformation.

Users no longer want to scroll from top to bottom, and Stories are becoming the most popular type of content consumed from smartphones. It is in them that it makes sense to advertise and promote your brand in 2020.


People are ready to play with brands, but they want interesting and engaging game formats. Now the trend is simple but exciting puzzles quests. They not only entertain but also motivate the audience.

Another trend is the use of interactive swipe links in stories. “Swipe the fly – get a discount!” – suggests the company, and the user instinctively swipes across the screen, going to the site.

Increase in advertising budgets

Every year it becomes more and more expensive to attract customers, so marketing costs are constantly growing. Users are becoming more experienced and more demanding every year – therefore, most businesses will pay attention to the UI/UX of their products, thereby increasing LTV and saving marketing budget.

It’s worth investing in experiments and split tests to test several ad campaigns and choose the most effective ones.

Experiment and find exactly those channels and tools that will generate the maximum ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) for you.

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