The Easy Guide to Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

The Easy Guide to Optimizing Your Google My Business ListingOptimizing a business card in Google My Business is one of the key must-do for any business. Below are some of the most important tips for optimizing a business card in GMB for corporate communication, taking into account an existing, active account on Google.

Improve your company’s results in Google’s rankings
A very important role in the process of making customer purchasing decisions, company reputation, effectiveness of marketing activities, as well as the company’s position in the Google ranking is played by customer feedback. The more 5-star ratings, the greater the credibility of the company, and hence the good quality of the products and services it offers. Conversely, a higher number of negative ratings indicates a higher probability that it is unreliable. In the case of negative evaluations or opinions, it is always worth reacting to them by taking actions that will prompt the evaluating user to change his / her opinion. All grades as well as opinions about the company can be seen directly in the “Knowledge Graph”, so you should ask your clients for a GMB assessment.

Apply the FAQ to get more involved
In the GMB, the FAQ area is available (frequently asked questions). By asking and responding to questions, you can encourage your clients to get involved in your business, while increasing your ranking on Google. Interested users (including potential clients) can publicly ask questions about your products or services. It is important to systematically answer these questions. In this way, Internet users feel in some way important to the company and encouraged to participate in the discussion.

Use Messaging for direct contact with potential customers
The great way of direct contact with potential customers in Google My Business is direct messages. In this way, you can send messages to people who are interested in the offer of your company. Responding to messages from such users increases the trust in the company, undoubtedly promotes the development of the network of contacts, gathering people willing to cooperate. Another option is to use the chat bot to give quick answers to interested people. Automatic messages generated by such a chat can include thank you for your interest in the company or information about when internet users can expect a personal account administrator response. Each time you respond to messages, you not only build a positive online presence, but also encourage other users to get involved in the company’s activities.

Post GMB posts with relevant and up-to-date content
As I mentioned in the previous articles, interesting and current posts in GMB – are the most important factors in the ranking and visibility of Google. Posts in Google My Business are primarily short entries that you can use to promote all kinds of information about your company: from current announcements about sales promotions, products or services, news, job offers to current events in the company or press releases.

What is important – published posts also appear in organic Google search results, as part of the “Knowledge Graph” and Google Maps, and remain active for 7 days or when the date of the event in the post expires. After this time, they are moved from the default view to the publication history.

It’s not everything. Using the additional CTA button in the posts will allow you to increase the number of clicks in the given link, which will take the reader to the landing page. Thanks to such activities, we enable generation of the so-called leads, or potential customers, and we support the conversion.

Each post in GMB has an individual URL address, so you can view statistics and measure the effectiveness of published entries. The statistics show the range of your posts and the number of clicks with the CTA button active.

Publishing posts in GMB can also have a major impact on the company’s website. By increasing the organic traffic on the website – the position of the website in the search results (SERP) improves at the same time.

Keep in mind also the importance of all information in your business card in Google My Business (basic and additional) – filled out. The attractiveness of the business card will surely also raise the so-called Virtual walk. You can do this yourself (with the help of the free “Panorama Google” mobile application) or with certified Google photographers (paid service).

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