How to Create an SEO Friendly Welcome Page

How to Create an SEO Friendly Welcome PageWelcome page – when it makes sense
Home page. The company’s website is not only its business card, but also the aspect that will affect the positive or negative perception of a given company. Every e-business owner cares about creating a favorable first impression in consumers, so the website is created in such a way as to make it functional and clear.

At the moment, ask yourself about creating a welcome page – does it make sense to create a page that will become a link to the main page?

Why create a welcome page
On the welcome page, a welcome text is usually placed (assume: “Welcome to the X company website”), the choice of the language we want to use on the site, and often also the symbols of the company. Therefore, they are not definitely content for which the Internet surfer entered a given website.

What are the benefits of the welcome page
Theoretically, this will be an aspect of welcoming the Internet user entering the company and showing respect for him. However, will the potential client appreciate it? The Internet is getting used to fast and efficient communication. Getting to the homepage via appropriate clicks on the welcome page can be perceived as hindering the functioning of the network. Modern Internet users do not like wasting time on unnecessary aspects and they get discouraged very quickly – the defects of the welcome page can therefore outweigh its potential benefits. However, there are situations when the creation of a welcome site is necessary – for example, on a site that presents content for people over 18 (must warn against it on your welcome page).

Welcome page and positioning
People who think that posting a specific keyword on the welcome page will make the site more interesting to search engine robots, will be disappointed. The welcome page contains primarily content that has no value in the field of positioning optimization. As a result, the creation of the site may have a negative impact on the overall rating of the website.

What to avoid

  • Too extensive, incomprehensible content posted on the Welcome page.
  • Flash applications.
  • Internet user’s bombardment of music and imposing a proposed melody on him – it may happen that he listens to something at the moment and it will cause his irritation and, consequently, leave the website.
  • Difficult to close ads – faster discourage the web user to a given page than encourage the purposeful click, for example, in a banner.

Instead of creating a pointless welcome page, it is worth focusing on the professional implementation of the home page of the site. Internet users are impatient and flee from places that limit them temporarily. Therefore, it should be easier for them to function on the network and thus encourage and not discourage themselves and their company.

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