Is Social Network Becoming a Burden?

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Social media has become a part of people’s lives these days however, there are quite a few disadvantages that come along with it. Browsing through Facebook is no doubt great fun but going through numerous profiles of friends can actually make a person envious about the lives of other people. It can lead to breeding of resentment. A person might feel inadequate and these are absolutely unhealthy feelings.

People with large social network, sometimes feel overwhelmed. It kind of becomes an obligation where a person needs to keep up with different photos and statuses which indeed is too much information in a day. A large number of followers make things more complicated.

Over sharing is a risk that might happen with anyone. When something is posted online it becomes public. No matter whether the person posts in Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, it is open to all. Sharing of information does not remain a secret as people are able to view it. Those who want to keep something private the simple thing is not to post online.

Lots of information might even annoy some people which are not at all required. Information related to relationships or other personal things might prove annoying and unattractive for some people. Care needs to be taken while posting something out of anger. Out of anger people can post something which they do not mean actually and can bring adverse results. One would definitely not want to create some drama with such activities.

Posting photos on a social network has become the latest trend for people who want share their lives with their near and dear ones. But, posting photos of some party where one is getting drunk needs to be avoided as it might give rise to negative feelings to the future employer which can lead to loss of job. Parents would definitely not allow such activities and such photos should not be put online.

Studies have already proven that people with large social network tend to have more stress in their lives. Research has also proved that there exists a link between social anxiety and large networks. So the best choice for people is to keep their social list small and only include acquaintances, colleagues, family and close friends. Following everyone is not at all required. Followers list needs to be made and care should be taken to make sure that only a few selected people can view the various details.

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