Blog SEO: How To Search Engine Optimize Your Blog

Blog SEO: How To Search Engine Optimize Your BlogA blog is a site or section of a site with content (articles, videos, images, and so on). Therefore, it cannot be said that SEO blog is significantly different from SEO of another resource. But there are things on which to focus on, to promote a blog on the web has brought its results.

Blogs are different:

  • personal (like an online diary);
  • corporate (companies or organizations);
  • professional (for example, artist, photographer, and so on);
  • news (someone is very well versed in something and, although not involved in the creation, collects news and posts on his blog);
  • and many others that branch the previous ones.

What they have in common is that the insider view is of the greatest interest to the user in such sites: the author understands something, and his experience and point of view are interesting. As a rule, a site that has a blog, or the blog itself has a commercial purpose – to sell products or services. And SEO helps to bring more users to the site who can make a purchase.

The commercial component is very important to consider, because the blog is separated from it only externally: I buy it, read it here. But they work together. Any article section should revive or even humanize sales pages.

In terms of search engine optimization, a blog is an ideal place for many SEO fronts:

  • You can use low-frequency information requests that are not included in the texts for category pages and product or service cards;
  • if a section of the site is allocated for the blog, and not the entire site, then with the help of articles you can improve the position of other pages in the search and attract additional target audience;
  • in a blog you can and should write different articles and regularly update them, and the constant updating of content is a positive signal for search engines;
  • Interesting and useful articles help to form an image of an expert in your niche.

Content for the site

The most important thing in a blog is content, which is followed by users. But the content should be useful.

From the position of SEO, this means that the articles should answer the user’s question, help him and contain key queries.

For this you need:

  • assemble the semantic core;
  • write and post texts;
  • wait for the robot to index the page.

In these simple steps lies an important feature of search engine promotion blogs: information queries will form the basis of the semantic core, that is, the user is interested in the answer to the question, and it does not matter which site he is on.

For example, you sell electrical goods through an online store and at the same time keep a blog where you tell how to become a good electrician enough to earn decent money and not die from an electric shock. If in some article you analyze a burning electrical question and tell how to solve the problem, the user will not care what the site is. But there is a chance that he will remember your website and come back if he wants to buy something. Or read something else, that’s good too.

How to optimize content:

  • Develop a structure, arrange all articles by topic (tags) and categories. There is no need for everything to be heaped – it is necessary that there is a hierarchy and nesting.
  • Create a convenient navigation so that the user understands where and where he can come from by clicking the buttons of the site.
  • Use key queries: understanding what requests the user enters into a search engine, you can competently answer them and get traffic.
  • Register the meta tags (title, description, h1): by putting the content of the pages in the meta tags, the user and the search robot will be able to bring your website to the most relevant query of the target audience.
  • Create hash links to navigate within one page;
  • Arrange the relinks: the link mass increases the authority of the site, shortens the indexing time and increases its position in the search.
    Publish on external sites – also for a set of high-quality links and growing brand awareness.

To be that optimize, you need to know what to write. To do this, make a content plan – a table of all publications for the next month. Keep track of the stages of their preparation and order, comment. So you will trivially know which articles to write and when to publish.

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