SEO Consulting – What Is It?

SEO Consulting - What Is It?SEO consulting is simply a consultation with a specialist in the field of positioning. You can compare it to a medical appointment – you are a patient, and an SEO specialist is a doctor who has to examine you and make an initial diagnosis.

This fairly simple analogy with a medical visit can illustrate how SEO consulting works more or less. Companies and individuals use it most often. Those who want to find out why their positioning does not bring the expected results or beginners in the e-commerce industry.


  • conduct a short interview with the company (like a medical history),
  • provide such a company with a solid foundation of positioning (guidelines for a healthy style of functioning),
  • outline what harmful practices should be avoided (basics of prevention),
  • determine what action should be taken immediately to achieve satisfactory results.

Good SEO consulting is consultancy based on which you can carry out many activities. For example, analysis of competition activities, develop a content marketing strategy or analysis of incoming links profile.

SEO consulting are not strictly SEO activities. Consulting allows us to outline the basics of a good strategy for future activities. It is a service that allows, for example, novice companies to get an idea of the subject in terms of their website or store.

At the same time, buying an SEO consultation allows you to avoid a situation in which we first pay a cart of money, and only when we learn that some of these expensive activities are inappropriate, and some are unnecessary at all.

The second important note: SEO consultation is not an SEO audit. This is just a preliminary examination of the situation of your website or online store. It is a service that is cheaper than the full audit. Returning to our medical analogy: SEO consulting is like a family visit, and an SEO audit is like a set of diagnostic tests done in a hospital. More accurate, more time-consuming, more analytical, more comprehensive and, of course, more expensive.

Many people who own a website or an online store go to SEO as something easy, because there are various guides, there are commonly known Google ranking factors, there are free support tools etc. Yes, that’s all true, but there is one small detail – it’s all general knowledge, not referring to the specific situation of a particular website. Everyone can “diagnose” via the Internet, but it is only a visit to the doctor that will let us know what may be wrong with us.

SEO consulting is a service offered by more and more SEO agencies. It has been designed for people who do not want or do not have time to explore the ropes of positioning knowledge. Not everyone has to know everything. Owners of online stores and companies usually have too many other things to “embrace” to still deal with SEO. SEO consulting is good for them.

This type of consultation is useful for people looking for, for example, the reasons for the low conversion rate in the online store. If you want to compile a list of the best keywords for the site or, for example, you plan to introduce a new product / service and do not know how to become visible in organic – consulting can be just for you.

SEO consulting can also be a good solution for people who are considering changing an SEO agency that supports their website or store. It may also be useful for those who are just wondering whether or not to outsource these activities to an external entity. It is also a good method to verify the effectiveness of the SEO company that you work with.

SEO consulting can shed new light on our company’s existing activities in the field of positioning. Remember that a fresh look at a given issue is always desirable. In the end, without it, the civilization known nowadays, am I right?

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