Small Business and SEO: Everything You Need to Know

Small Business and SEOFor a small business owner, it is vitally important to understand the principles of developing an online business in order to calculate and save a budget, while entering the TOP. Therefore, we have prepared a small guide: what is the SEO of small business promotion and how to implement it.

The traditional misconception is to evaluate SEO as the selection of key queries and their insertion into the text, plus markup and filling out violas with discs. Alas, this is not all that the SEO-specialist should do. And often it will be useful to have a couple of such employees with different specializations, more on this later.

Search engine optimization of small business promotion depends on its geography, initial market position, competition and dozens of other factors. Analyzing these indicators, the SEO can begin to create a strategy and implement it.

When a business owner does not understand how his resource gets into the search and what the ranking depends on, there is a big risk of burning out in the first year. This happens with 40% of small online sites for sale. Marketing is, in principle, one of the most difficult milestones of doing business, and marketing on the Internet is more difficult three times.

Therefore, the “one for all” approach will never work on the network. When creating a store, you will have to find a team of professionals. Their success will depend on the success in the future, so it’s very illogical to save on good specialists.

What does SEO include?

With the expansion of opportunities in the network, the volume of tasks that falls on the SEO specialists is also increasing. Today the main functions are:

  • Analysis of keywords;
  • Market research of competitors and offers;
  • Website optimization;
  • References;
  • Copywriting;
  • Conversion analysis and more.

From the part, this concept includes both branding with image formation, and industry analysis, and adaptation for smartphones and tablets and much more. Therefore, before ordering the services of Search engine optimization, it is necessary to determine the type of promotion, effective for a specific case.

Monitoring of search engines and their use for promotion is just one of many tools that should be used. While the search engine ranking is a landmark for, one should not overlook other key development issues:

  • Resource adaptability for mobile devices;
  • Quality content, which will not only be optimized on a turnkey basis, but will also tell you about your advantages;
  • Informative and authentic content. In simple words, if your product has not been researched by “British scientists”, do not write about it at all, give the buyer/client true and complete information about the company and each position;
  • Planned content marketing;
  • Internal optimization of the entire resource and each page separately;
  • SEO-geography, to promote local business, you need to consider the geography of the company and its potential audience.

Although there are many positions, it will be much easier for small companies to form an SEO component than for giants. At the first stages it is enough to concentrate on the quality content, convenient design and the availability of links.

How to choose the SEO of small business promotion?

The presence in the search results for the main queries is an ideal way to show oneself to the audience, but not the only one, and certainly not universal. For example, if you are trying to attack a niche where there are large competitors, you will not be able to break out into TOP-3, since others are able to spend more funds for promotion and have a greater “weight” for the search engine.

Take into account the individual characteristics of your business:

The budget that you can spend on promotion. Often, it turns out to be insufficient for equal competition, and the company burns out by investing everything in the promotion, which will still not be enough.
Time. SEO-promotion is a long-term process. Publish at least 100 optimized texts daily – the results will be noticeable only after a few months (sometimes a significant growth of the project is observed only after a year and a half of regular work on optimization).
Rivalry with advertising spots in the ranking. No matter how hard you try – you can not get around the paid advertising in the search.
Competitive firms. Sometimes young businessmen choose a search category in which there are giant companies, then the SEO can not help overtake them.
A good rating in the search results is very desirable for any company, it can be achieved only if there is time. Therefore, refer to the fastest ways to get traffic, for example PPC advertising, where you pay a click fee.

Evaluate time, pace of development and budgets to understand when it is worthwhile to introduce the SEO-promotion tactics. It is better to use SEO and PPC in parallel, so you greatly accelerate the effect and you can rely on profit in a shorter time.

How to choose an optimizer and how many do you need for a small company?

At the beginning of the article, we talked about large firms that hire several SEO, specializing in different types. For companies that are just starting out, pulling two or three professionals will be very difficult, besides, there’s no point in that.

For economy of means it is possible to address to services of freelancers. They will help to solve the current optimization tasks, and you will pay “after the fact”. This is much cheaper than inviting the performer to bet.

To understand whether you should hire an SEO specialist, look at the customer feedback on his work, ask leading questions in personal correspondence and make sure that your needs match with the capabilities of the candidate’s skills.

Is it possible to do promotion yourself?

The answer is yes. Although not everything can be done by an unprepared person, but you always have a chance to partially unwind yourself, without involving specialists.

For example, you can write texts for keys, selected by SEO, of course, for this you must have a writer’s talent. Or arrange articles according to the search engine, if you decide to hire a copywriter. But here, too, there is a catch. Errors in optimizing or adjusting certain parameters can negate all other activities to promote the resource. And it will be difficult to find these mistakes in the future and will take a lot of time again.

Conclusion: if you have the skills of promotion of online stores, resources – it is quite realistic to take part of the optimization work on yourself. However, if you have not faced this before, if you are a good seller, but while you are still feeling insecure in the network – entrust your web resource to professionals.

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