5 Tips for Managing Your Business’ Online Reputation

5 Tips for Managing Your Business' Online ReputationTo the question: “What is the value of reputation in the success of the company?” The majority of entrepreneurs will answer that the reputation in this matter is priceless, since without the confidence of consumers it will not go far. In fact, the reputation consists of what people say about you. In recent years, when the Internet became the main source of information, and in search engines you can find almost everything, consumers have access to any information about the business – favorable and not very much. In addition, any user can not only read anything, but also write.

Entrepreneurs, accordingly, have to make a lot of efforts to develop strategies for managing the company’s reputation on the Internet.
Here are a few tips for local businesses that are just starting out in this new environment and trying to track information about their companies on the Web:

1. Make sure that your business is correctly represented on local sites

Each state has its own directories and online catalogs listing all categories of business, as well as niche niche sites.

Make your accounts as presentable and informative as possible. Do not forget about photos, news and promotions. The specificity of the feedback sites is that the business page can be opened and filled at its own discretion not only by its owner or official representative, but also by anyone. Check – it is possible that such pages have already been installed by someone, and need to be modified and edited. Where possible, get rights to manage the page and monitor everything that happens on it. Since such sites are well indexed in search engines and are issued, as a rule, on the first pages, there are always a lot of visitors on them, and the last thing you need is that potential customers see incorrect information about your business. Take the time and effort to present yourself in the best possible way in all the catalogs, reference books and profiles.

2. Let your site demonstrate all the advantages of your business

Nowadays it is more important than ever to have a high-quality (in terms of design, interface and content) site, which has all the information necessary for customers about the company and product, and which emphasizes your reliability, respectability, readiness to face the consumer, and simply gives understand that things are going well with the company, that the business is afloat and continues to develop. This is an important factor in strengthening the reputation of the business on the Internet. Update the site at least once a week. The texts should be impeccably literate, information that influences the purchase decision is exhaustive, all links and pages are working, calls for action are understandable, the advantages over competitors are obvious, and the design that fixes the overall pleasant impression.

Sites can now be manufactured independently and at a ridiculous price, but personally I would advise not to engage in amateur activities and not save on the services of specialists – programmers, designers, copywriters. If you do something, do it well. Take care also about Search engine optimization, which will help to get ahead of competitors in search engines. Do not forget that the corporate site is your virtual office, your face on the Web. In addition, this is the only site on the Internet where you, as an administrator, can fully control the situation.

3. Identify your presence in the main social networks

You can not turn social networking into the goal of all life, but it is desirable to have a minimal gentleman’s set, for example,  Twitter account, a page on Fasebook. In matters of the reputation of business on the Internet, social accounts play a crucial role. Buttons and widgets that lead to all these places should be bolted on prominent places on your site. Links to the site should be put in all accounts. Do not forget also about the rassharivaniya buttons on the site, which will allow your guests to “like” and transfer everything they liked to you.

Now let’s talk about the main purpose of your presence in social networks, namely, about building a community. Correctly assembled, high-quality network of “friends” will not only make you more popular and professional, but one day it can also come to your aid. For example, if you became a victim of black PR, received a negative response, or your reputation was harmed in some other way, you can call a community from social networks to support and strengthen their positions.

Important note: build up links among the local Internet audience is not necessary at the moment when you already have a problem, and in advance – when everything is quiet. Now they write about you well, or nothing? Do you regularly monitor reviews, and everyone is happy? So, it’s time to go to social networks, find like-minded people and build a community.

4. Track the discussions of your business on the Web and participate in the dialogue

The topic of monitoring Internet resources and searching for statements about yourself and your company has been raised in this blog several times. It is necessary to monitor the mentions of the brand manually in search engines and on all resources where you have accounted for.
As for the work with the discussions found on the Internet, especially with negative reviews, I also have an article on this topic.

5. Prepare response templates for common comments about your business

To respond to reviews, articles and comments as quickly and competently as possible, you can create a file with sample responses to sample comments. I used to be against stamped texts, but several years of working with business owners have shown that answers to some questions have to be given over and over, with small variations. Over time, I have accumulated a dozen templates, which greatly facilitate and speed up the correspondence. Ready answers are also good in cases where there is a quick exchange of comments (this happens during particularly heated discussions), as well as when answering negative feedback, when it is more appropriate to use a template written in sound mind and sober memory than to give vent to momentary emotions.
The reputation of your business on the Internet is built on bricks day after day, and in order for it to be formed as you need it, it may take a lot of work and vigilant control. Such are the times now: whether you like it or not, but they will discuss you.

Your business is to choose, let it all go by itself or take the situation into your own hands.

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