What is outreach and how does it work?

What is outreach and how does it work?Outreach is a method of link building with the help of establishing links, agreements with bloggers, journalists, site administrators.

The purpose of outreach is the placement of articles, links, banner ads on Internet resources.

What is outreach and how does it work?

In this article, we will look at examples of how outreach works in link building, as well as important points that should be paid attention to get the maximum result.

His outreach work consists in building relationships with webmasters on the most favorable terms.

SEO Outreach can be divided into:

– Paid outreach – when we pay the webmaster for placing our article, link or banner on it;

– Conditionally free outreach – we do not pay for accommodation, but we bear the costs of preparing the content, the work of the outreach. In this case, the partner site is interested in the content that we can provide to it and does not take money for its placement. he is useful to his audience.

For outreach, we use the following tools:

  • Google
  • paid email from Google;
  • ahrefs;
  • scrapebox;
  • Straight arms.
  • Preparing a list of sites for outreach

A competent choice of sites for outreach is a pledge of a high percentage of responses and as a consequence of a large number of placements.

Where can I find relevant websites for outreach?

1. Analyze the backlinks of your competitors

The easiest and right way to do this is through ahrefs. You will receive a list of sites that exactly cooperate with your niche and the percentage of refusals will be minimal.

2. Just look in your hands on Google

Here you can use the search formulas. Let’s say you need to find blogs on cooking topics in English. To do this, in the search box, write “cookery in America” inurl: sponsored post.

Let’s decipher the formula: “cookery in America” – Google should show sites that contain the phrase “cookery in America” only in this sequence. If we write the same, but without the quotes, Google will show us the sites that contain the word cookery separately and America separately.

inurl: sponsored post – in the URL of the site there should be a phrase sponsored post. Can be replaced by intitle: sponsored post, then the sponsored post will be in the title. A full list of search formulas can be found on the Internet.

3. Use automated search on Google

With large amounts of search queries, the search should be automated. To do this, you can use a scrapebox or another parser.

Getting Outreach: Determining the Purpose of the Campaign

By collecting a list of interesting sites, we collect the database of contacts (e-mail addresses, links to the contact form, etc.) with the help of the parser.

Next, we make a brief analysis of placements on these sites. Pay attention to who is referring to the site of interest to us, the nature of the article (advertisement, review or information article), etc.

Based on the information received, we determine the outreach company’s goals:

  • Type of placement: article, banner, link placement;
  • Cost of accommodation: free or paid
  • The key point: we prepare templates

The template of the first letter is your face, it will form the first impression of you and it should be done as competently, efficiently and with due regard for the goals of the outreach campaign.

Depending on the volume of messages sent, we prepare several templates.

When sending, we personalize the templates to increase the percentage of responses and reduce the likelihood of the letter getting into spam.

For example, in a subject of the letter it is necessary to specify a name of a site, and as to address to the web master by name if it is known.
Mailing of letters

On the basis of the collected contacts, we send out letters. If the site has a feedback form you need to use it first.

Have patience: not everyone will answer right away

You may not be responsible for different reasons. First of all, it’s worth remembering that you write to living people and not all of them work 24/7. For example, a person could simply go on vacation, get sick or simply forget to respond.

Often, as in the example below, even webmasters who expressed an interest in cooperation earlier do not answer.

So, if within a few days you were not answered, then we send one of these templates:

“Any updates?”
“My manager will not let me stop the following up with you until I get a response”
You can prepare a more personalized template, but these concise templates work well. Repeat several times depending on the interest in the site.

If it is very important to reach a webmaster, you need to look for other channels (Facebook, Skype) or ask a colleague to write from another mail. To speed up the webmaster, as in the example below, there should be enough messages on Facebook.

Concretize arrangements

After the first answer, it is worthwhile to clarify all the important points, if you did not learn about them from the first answer:

  • perpetual link or with one-year payment;
  • link dofollow or nofollow;
  • link and anchor;
  • topic of the article (if you write it), the number of words, the quality of the images;
  • terms of publication of the article;
  • prepayment or payment after publication (best option);
  • whether discount is possible;
  • We put the TK copywriter

Now that we have all the necessary information, we put the TK on the copywriter text (if the text was not prepared in advance). By experience I will say that a couple of harvested texts are not superfluous.

In the TK copywriter it is important to convey all the requirements of the site, to show an example of a suitable article. This will save time on finalizing content.

Accommodation and quality control

We send the prepared article to the webmaster. Sometimes it is worth recalling more than once about posting an article to a webmaster. An example of such a case is given below.

Accommodation and quality control

In this particular case, more than once had to read about the fact that the article will soon be published and is being edited now. However, it was not for nothing that our article was published with what the webmaster congratulated us with joy.

After this, you need to monitor the quality of the posted article.

The checklist consists of the following items:

  • anchor and URL links;
  • link attributes (dofollow or nofollow);
  • indexing of the page (noindex in meta robots);
  • the presence of other references not specified earlier in the article;
  • checking the appearance of the article, the presence of images
  • If everything is normal, then we thank the webmaster for posting.

Since the webmaster can change our link, delete the link or even the entire article after a while, we use the Link Checker PRO service for monitoring.


The key elements of outreach organization are the competent selection of sites, precise definition of the campaign objectives, writing templates and the ability to negotiate with bloggers and journalists.

Important for achieving the goal of outreach is the ability to correctly place the TK on the texts of the copywriter. this significantly affects the speed of posting articles.

Correctly organized outreach will allow you to obtain organic links in articles on trust sites, which is very important for the successful implementation of SEO strategy.

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