Facebook Pages for Marketing Your Business

Facebook Pages for Marketing Your BusinessFacebook is the most popular social network in the world, its capitalization as of 2017 is $ 300 billion, and the number of users is close to 2 billion people.

Users of this social network are characterized by “quality” and are in the age range from 18 to 44 years, which means that it is easy to find new business partners and new clients. The main audience of Facebook are politicians, media representatives, bloggers, opinion leaders, businessmen, leading businesses with foreign companies. Contact with many of them is very important for a business aimed at a certain audience. I think you should not explain how many real customers you lose by refusing to Facebook. Let’s talk about the most effective free promotion methods, applying real cases.

How to promote your business on Facebook without additional funds?

Before you fully enter this social network, you should think in advance of your actions.

Step 1 – Preparation

Set the right goals that cover most of your company’s needs. Most items on this list match your goals. The whole strategy of promotion will be based on the goal.

Why are you running a business on this social network?

  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty
  • Increase site traffic
  • Build a closer relationship with the audience
  • Increase Conversion
  • Increase sales

Identify the target audience for your product. Daily Facebook is visited by about 1.15 billion people, the lion’s share of which are your potential customers. Identify the target audience – where she spends time, what interests her, what language she communicates, etc. The more clear CA is, the easier it is to sell goods and services through a Facebook page.

Develop a content plan. To understand what type of content will bring the greatest coverage, you should analyze the competitors-leaders of your niche:

  • How many Subscribers?
  • Who are these companies, the features of their services?
  • What content do they post: articles, lifhaki, video, images with motivating quotes.
  • What publications get the most response from subscribers?
  • What time of day is the audience most active?
  • How many Average number of likes, outposts, comments on their page?
  • Frequency of publications?
  • What do their promo publications look like (stocks, surveys)?

You can perform this analysis manually by collecting data in an Excel spreadsheet, but this will take too long. Automate the process will help special services for the analysis of groups and social networking pages. The analysis of competitors will help to compose an attractive content-plan for your target audience, to learn its needs and to find interesting ideas for publications, avoiding the mistakes of competitors.

Develop a content strategy. In the Excel spreadsheet, create a weekly publication schedule (month) ahead. Write down at what time, which posts will be published on your page. Earlier we mentioned the correct proportion of publications in the social profile for organic promotion in Instagram. An identical formula applies to Facebook:

  • 10% – about yourself.
  • 20% – promo / advertising their goods and services.
  • 30% – useful and learning content.
  • 40% – entertaining.

Correctly distributing the content, at the end of the month the proportion of posts should be respected. This will help without additional infusion of funds only with the help of content to effectively promote your page.

Remember – the content that you publish must be convincing, interesting and useful, only this way you will be able to gain the trust of the target audience, turning the majority of it into customers

Use different tools for publication: online broadcasts, slideshows, articles, etc. Publish short and long texts, videos, branded images with humor and motivational quotes, viral content. For convenience, use auto-postings, it will help you to always update the content on the page.

Step 2 – create a page

Highlight the brand values, define your audience and create a place that will become unique for your company.

When creating a business page, remember:

You can create a page from a personal profile. If your business refers to the small or medium in the title of the page, it is better to indicate the keywords.
To find topical keywords, use the free Google AdWords program.
After the title, correctly identify the category, provide information about the company, fill out the contact information.
Take care of the design – first of all, you need an avatar and cover for the page

On the avatar should put the corporate logo of the company.
The cover page may contain a call to action, a photo of the product, a brief description of the service, up-to-date information on discounts, etc. The main thing is that it was conceptual, bright and attracted the attention of subscribers.
The text on the cover should not occupy more than 20% of the entire space, otherwise Facebook will treat it as spam and block it.

Step 3 – how to run a business page

  1. Let’s consider the real tricks, how to promote your business effectively with the help of free promotion.
  2. Invite all your friends and their friends to become a subscriber of your business page in private messages.
  3. Use the “invite friends” option. From the list, you should select those friends that you want to offer to look at your page.
  4. On the personal profile page, enter your business page. So any person entering your profile can directly go to the page. Tell them to do the same for their subordinates.
  5. Analyze thematic groups and Facebook pages, blogs on other sites, highlight the key. Communicate there on behalf of your page, not your personal profile. No ads, just express your opinion, comment on photos, show yourself in all the glory of the target audience. Another option is to communicate with a personal profile, but with a mandatory link to your page in the “work” field. It is important to establish yourself as a qualified specialist, ideally oriented in this field.
  6. In the subscription, to your e-mail place a link to your business page on Facebook.
  7. Use an effective Facebook Messenger tool to improve the client-service, amplify advertisements, replace the email-list.
  8. Tell friends and subscribers on other social networks about registering your business on Facebook, attach a link.
  9. Actively promote your page in real life. Specify the address of the Facebook page on the package of your product, on the business card, and even on the mobile phone case.
  10. Address the page of your business on the cover of your personal profile on Facebook and in other social networks.
  11. Invite all your e-mail subscribers to join the page.
  12. Invite to put a “like” page, those who like your posts, but are not a subscriber.
    Use the call-to-action button.
  13. Create exclusive personal brand hashtags and analyze thematic. Use them in each post to reach the maximum audience.
  14. Publish unique and demanded content, because this is a key component of effective marketing in social networks. Quality content with 100% guarantee motivates subscribers to return to your page again and again.
  15. Communicate with your subscribers. People come to Facebook, above all, for communication, discussion and exchange of content. Give them this, interact with people on your page, invite them to comment on the post, call or write to you. Competently and easily answer all questions of clients, work with them, offer actual decisions. Respond to negative feedback, reduce customer dissatisfaction to a minimum.
  16. Keep track of the statistics in the settings of the page, analyze when the audience’s involvement is the highest, adjust the publications to its requests.

Competent promotion of the business page in Facebook using organic coverage will help you turn potential customers into real buyers. Use the opportunities of Facebook to the maximum.

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