Growth Hacking – New Marketing Strategy

Growth Hacking - New Marketing Strategy

The modern consumer is tired of active marketing; conventional advertising tools do not satisfy the companies’ need for the number of new customers. You need new clients and need it quickly. Growth Hacking can help you to attract more audience to the site and ensure high conversion. What tactics can the pros use for your business?

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking fails to convey the essence of this marketing phenomenon. The marketer uses classic schemes (landing pages, SEO, SMM, contextual advertising, etc.) to attract traffic, and the growth hacker, by manipulating the same tools, achieves a more significant customer growth. He constantly tests new hypotheses and evaluates their results, all to find new ways of explosive growth.

Why do you need to be a growth hacker?

  • This is a person who is not only and not so much a specialist in the direction of marketing. But who has a broad outlook in other areas?
  • He can follow technology trends and use them to attract customers
  • He can replace a whole staff of narrowly specialized marketers and provide explosive growth in the number of clients, as he independently builds a combination of several tools
  • This is a specialist rare for the labor market, whom many want to get into their company.

In Growth Hacking there are no manuals, checklists, scenarios, best practices – it’s impossible to say “do this and get explosive growth”. Successful cases are the implementation of specific tasks with the set of tools that turned out to be the most effective for them.

Growth Hacking methods

We will tell you about several Growth Hacking methods that you can independently use to find new marketing strategies and promote your business. They can be an effective tool for the growth of your business, or they may not have any results at all.

Someone can use Google contextual advertising, someone will bring clients a successful landing page, someone will do SEO optimization of the site and increase traffic, and someone will achieve amazing results in social networks.

Only constant experiments and analysis of their results allow you to quickly find new customers. The best step for it – using the principles of Growth Hacking.

Let’s start with the basic principles of Growth Hacking

Comprehensive work to attract traffic, analyze it and improve conversion. Web analytics is a major source of insight into the ups and downs.

Applying the Fail Fast principle is a quick failure that turns out to be cheaper and not fatal. Many small experiments find an approach to growth, and mistakes are leveled.

New tools are mastered quickly and shallowly, the main thing is to immediately put them into work and try them out.

If product marketing is not generating sales, change the product itself.

There is no binding to an anyone marketing tool, new tools for attracting traffic – a new result.

Total automation – growth hacker does not do with his hands what a machine can do, he works with his head.

Knowledge of standard marketing tools and techniques is not enough to find new customers quickly. You need a broad outlook, technical knowledge, and a willingness to experiment.

Growth Hacking is the ability to quickly try different marketing methods to find new strategies and choose the one that will provide explosive growth.

For applying the Growth Hacking strategy:

  1. You need to understand specific goals and builds a strategy for their growth;
  2. No spare no effort and means to achieve the goal – your own and your team;
  3. Use all the possibilities of the modern Internet and social networks;
  4. Fill the minds of the masses with your product and creates only a positive impression of it;
  5. Introduce many new features, until one of them goes to work.

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