5 Internet Marketing Myths

Today that’s not news at all that Internet marketing is a powerful tool that helps to increase sales volumes, regardless of the field of activity. Those entrepreneurs who have not felt an increase in profitability in their business, either do not use Internet marketing in a complex or rely on promotion channels that could effectively influence their target audience.

In this article, we decided to deal with the misconceptions in Internet marketing, which many successful entrepreneurs for some reason continue to trust, not understanding why there is no expected result.

Myth # 1: People choose your product or service because it’s cheaper

Good prices will not declare themselves. If you guarantee the lowest prices in the market, but no one knows about you, all your efforts are in vain. If you add promotion costs to the prime cost, then the price will have to be increased. Moreover, a customer who focuses only on price is the most unreliable customer in the world, your brand and your loyalty are not important to him. Your competitors will reduce prices by one dollar and he will go to them. Attract customers by other methods: choice, additional services, bonuses, increase confidence in your company.

Myth # 2: Sales directly depend on the number of visitors to the site

The audience and the target audience are different things. A lot of clicks does not mean that all visitors will become your customers. Do not spray on groups on social networks with a common theme, on sites that have nothing to do with your business. Better focus on highly specialized portals, perhaps not as popular, but effective, those that will give you potential customers.

Myth # 3: We sell well without marketing

It’s difficult to imagine modern business without marketing because marketing is a knowledge system that helps businesses grow. Marketing is not about the visitor coming to the site, you need to work with the visitor, understand, carry away, bring to the deal. And in a crisis, even only strong brands survive that have a clear program for promoting their products on the market.

Myth # 4: Mass emailing is ineffective

This is actually not the case. If your newsletter is not personalized, not adapted for mobile gadgets, has no information value, you send letters at an inconvenient time of the day, they are too long and with a complex design you are right, mass emailing is ineffective. In all other cases, the newsletter allows you to build trust with a wide audience with a minimum of costs.

Myth # 5: We made a cool site, we can relax

A good site is only the beginning. Getting targeted traffic is not so simple. This is followed by work on testing and analytics, the development of approaches and the study of channels. SEO, PPC, Google Analytics, work with social networks, a complete analysis of user actions on the site is only part of the work, so your main task is to analyze and optimize the process, to increase sales.

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