3 Key Trends in Communication With Customers

3 Key Trends in Communication With Customers

Marketing communications are changing every day. This is due to the fact that the audience receives a huge amount of information (including advertising). As a result, your marketing campaign turns into a “white noise” for people.

We have collected 3 key trends that will determine the effectiveness of your interaction with customers in the near future. You will find out what works and what it is time to refuse.

1. Talking about the most important

Filter what you want to say. A large number of advertising messages devalue everything that you offer: instead of a powerful offer, there is an annoying background. In 2020, an audience with high purchasing power will often think not about getting something good, but about not throwing something superfluous in the basket.

The values of a modern client are reasonable and moderate consumption.

They are tired of advertising, of the abundance of choice. There are too many things around, information content, services. Therefore, it is more important to send to the audience those messages that will be of value: the time for a large number of “empty” letters has passed.

2. The balance between customization and automation in business

There are two seemingly opposite directions in marketing: on the one hand, automated sales funnels, and on the other, an attempt to customize the advertising and maximize its adjustment for each user.

Which side to choose

Automation allows you to speed up workflows, response time, quality of interaction with the audience and save company resources. And customization and personalization is an opportunity to increase the LTV (Life-Time Value) of the product, the percentage of conversion and sales.

What decision is worth making

The answer is simple — BALANCE. Outline the range of issues that should be automated to make the client comfortable. Typically, these are operational tasks: receiving and paying for orders, sending messages with commercial and transport invoices, the possibility of online recording, technical support, and so on.

3. Speak honestly: both about victories and about losses

Everyone says that he has the best product, the lowest price, a crystal clear reputation and an uncompromisingly high level of service. Such words are water that flows somewhere but does not reach the client’s ears.

Give the product an honest assessment. Do not be afraid of criticism and self-criticism. Do not be afraid of irony. Be frank (as much as possible).

What could be the reaction

Silence. Often, institutions do not want to respond to comments: they are not sure that they can defend their position, they do not monitor the references, or simply do not know how to behave.

The formal answer. Sometimes in the service sector, they say something like this: “Thank you for your appeal, we will take it into account and we will become better.”

The solution to the situation. The most honest way to interact is to frankly write that you have made a mistake. It is better to admit this, and then offer a discount or a compliment from the company at the next visit.

That is, the general idea:

People cannot help but make mistakes. A crystal clear success story is suspicious: you are probably just hiding flaws.

You should not manipulate. Honesty is a new business reality.

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