How Internet Marketing Can Survive Coronavirus

How Internet Marketing Can Survive Coronavirus

At the moment, one can observe the stagnation of the entire market. Not only Internet marketing is suffering. This is, of course, due to the fact that many offline companies in many countries temporarily stop their activities against the background of quarantine, and some, due to losses, are completely closed forever. For many professionals and agencies, this is the loss of customers, and, consequently, of money.

The business that has lost the opportunity to offer its services to customers due to quarantine or other reasons related to the distribution of COVID-19 will sag. But, speaking now specifically about SEO-promotion, it will be the one who loses in the conditions of the impossibility of providing services for his clients to stop the promotion.

In this article, we offer a number of recommendations for internet marketing specialists during this difficult period.

1. Do not panic

It’s important to keep your head cool when making business decisions. Always focus on analytics and numerical metrics: ROMI, CPA, CPC to increase or decrease the budget allocated to the channel.

2. Diversify the risks

Expand your channels of presence and product matrix. Work out 2-3 alternative scenarios (strategies).

3. Plan SEO returns

Results from search engine optimization (SEO) appear after 4-9 months of work. This means that it is important to activate this channel right now in order to bring the site to the TOP of search engine results at the end of the crisis.
A short-term drop in demand is possible, but search promotion is a channel with deferred returns and it is important to start work right now so that by the time sales are fixed, the project is in the TOP of the list.

4. Optimize your product and funnel

Do not blindly increase your advertising budget. Focus on product analytics, conversion rates (CR), and improved usability.

5. Read and cut/increase your budget

Advertising channels should be analyzed and you should know exactly all the metrics in terms of traffic types: CPC, CPA, CAC, LTV, ROMI. When deciding whether to cut or increase budgets, rely on business metrics. A simple reduction in the marketing budget exacerbates the crisis.

Use the crisis as a chance for growth. For your company, the crisis is a chance!

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