5 Tips on Developing a Successful Inbound-Marketing Strategy

5 Tips on Developing a Successful Inbound-Marketing StrategyCompetition in e-commerce has increased over the past five years, and this trend will only continue. Every day, the number of sites selling various goods and services increases.

How in such conditions to increase brand awareness, expand the client base and increase the efficiency of your business?
There are five marketing tips that will help solve these issues.

Lead magnet

Lead magnet is a free offer for customers, which allows you to access a closed file or a unique service of your company by subscribing to an e-mail or mobile phone number.

When using a lead magnet you get the phone number or e-mail of a potential customer.

The main reasons for using a lead magnet are:

  • Expansion of the base of potential clients.
  • Free access to closed valuable materials for the client. Additional value for the customer.
  • Competitive advantage over those who do not use this chip.

The most popular options for using lead magnets, for which you can get potential customer contacts:

  • instructions, check-lists, chips;
  • gifts, bonuses, coupons, discount on purchase;
  • Free testing, trial use of the product or demo version;
  • poll + result of the survey on the mail.

# 2
Commodity trap
Unlike the lead magnet, which helps create a base of potential customers, the trap-merchandise already creates real customers who pay you money. On average, the cost of the product-trap ranges from 1 to 50 $, depending on the value of your key product, but more often it is 1-5 $.

This feature is aimed at making potential customers real, and making a real profit. Sales are primarily psychology, and sell to those who have already paid you more easily than those who have not already done so.

Gadget Store
When creating a product-trap, you need to follow several important rules:

  • The product should be useful to the buyer.
  • The product should belong to the same category as your main product.
  • The product should only partially solve the client’s problems, only your key product solves them completely.
  • The cost of the goods-traps should be such that a person without hesitation is ready to spend money.

Our recommendations for creating a product-trap:

  • Electronic format – solves issues with logistics and time, is created once and for all.
  • It causes an impulsive desire to buy.
  • The value of the goods must be tens of times greater than the price.
  • Fast and easy payment.

A few more examples for expanding horizons:

  • Hosting sells domain names for $ 1, in the future to sell its main product.
  • A set of materials: video, a book, a webinar record.
  • Conduct an analysis or audit for the client.
  • Sell ​​a sampler or part of your main product to feel the value.

# 3
Company Blog
A blog on YouTube or a website is doubly cool! A blog is a great tool that contains dozens of benefits that will at least raise sales.

Blog on the site
What are the functions and value of the blog on the site:

Case. Through the articles you can share your achievements, thereby showing your expertise.

Useful content. Find and disclose questions that interest your potential customers. Each written article in the blog goes into the annals of the index of search engines and guarantees you lifelong traffic from the search (the amount depends on the quality of the content).

Blog on YouTube
Benefits of blogging on YouTube:

  • One video instead of a thousand words. In one video on your YouTube channel you can answer all the questions that interest your audience.
  • Backstage. Share your inner cuisine, people are interested.
  • Reviews. When we see a real person’s response from a real company, it begins to acquire a deeper meaning and loyalty to the audience.

Messengers & chat bots

With each passing day this direction is gaining more and more turns.
Each brand, large or medium-sized business already has its own channel in the messenger. Today, no one is surprised at the presence of telegram-community, bot or channel. However, only a few can boast of good quality content and chat bots.

Telegram and other messengers are surely going to unite people among themselves in different interests, spheres of life and not only. However, instant messengers have now become not just a means for communication of a group of people, they began to include many other functions.

Messenger functions:

  • dispatch of news, shares, articles of the company;
  • support-department in the form of a bot or polubot;
  • transfer and storage of files, photos and video;
  • replacement with the browser – browsing the web;
  • personal profile with photo and personal data;
  • automatic sales through bot and much more.

In fact, everything goes to one – to combine everything that is actively used by people in one place. And it’s great at Telegram. Many things are still under development, but believe me – it’s a matter of time, and it’s better to start developing in this direction now, so that at the right time and in the right place be on the horse.

Especially it is necessary to pay attention to bots. While they are at the initial stage of their development, but already millions of people stop visiting, for example, weather forecast sites, financial websites for viewing currency rates or news sites, etc.

Promotion through bot.
One large online store conducted an action for new users through a telegram-bot, which gives 200 UAH for the first purchase. The principle is as follows: the bot asks for your name, phone, then checks if you are in the database, and if you do not – it creates a profile and gives you bonuses for the first purchase with a limited period of validity.

It seems to be nothing heavy, but it’s a great way to expand the base of your potential customers in an automatic mode.

Not only online stores have already made bots for quick ordering on the site, but also taxi services, food delivery, ticket purchase, etc.

Marketing autorunks
A sales autorivation is a series of pre-prepared and automated processes for your customers.

Simply put, the auto-funnel allows the customer to sell the product or service automatically through letters, SMS, social networks, etc. It is thanks to this counter that the infobusiness has made a big leap forward in the last few years.


To increase the efficiency of sales, automate the work of your business and increase the number of customers, use five always up-to-date marketing chips.

  1. Lead magnet. It should be used to create a contact base for potential customers.
  2. The trap is aimed at making potential customers real, and making a real profit.
  3. The company’s blog will increase the popularity of your site, attract more potential customers and allocate you among competitors.
  4. Messengers and chat-bots automate the registration of orders, and also will allow to collect a database of customers.
  5. Marketing avtovoronki will automate and accelerate the reception and processing of orders.

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