How To Make Money From Your Blog

How To Make Money From Your BlogIt’s rumored that you can earn money by running a blog. Good earning. Is it worth investing your resources in a blog? How to use it to increase sales in business? Let’s figure it out.

Can I make money on the blog?

Before talking about monetizing a blog, answer the questions:

You promote a personal brand …
… or are you selling within the company?
The marketing strategy depends on this. In the first case, you are in the spotlight, and a blog can be a key sales channel. It is important to actively maintain the image in the chosen niche. The logic is simple: you are trusted – you are bought.

In the case of a company, a blog can be maintained by one person or by a group of experts. Key tasks: increase traffic, popularize the brand, communicate with current customers and attract new ones.

  • What do your potential customers live by?
  • What problems do you face every day?
  • Why do they need your products / services?

The detailed avatar of the client gives a clear idea of ​​which topics should be written. In what formats should the product be advertised? Do you have enough knowledge to blog in the chosen niche? Lack of experience is not an excuse to put an end to earnings. Involve copywriters who understand your topic. And focus your attention on the pumping of strengths.

When can I monetize my blog?

First you need to invest in SEO, take the top place in the issuance of Google, build a subscriber base, write a dozen interesting longridov … How to understand that it’s time to brush off the sweat from the forehead and say: “It’s time to earn”? What should attendance be? 1,000 users per day? 10,000? More?

Sell ​​your products / services from the first day of the launch of the blog. Why wait for ideal conditions for earning, if the most successful time is now.

Start small:

Launch promotional tools in stages.
For example, place a lead magnet with the call to subscribe to the newsletter to expand the database.

Promote products that are in demand.
Agree, every entrepreneur wants to be the best in the niche. It seems that you need to do something creative in order to attract attention to the product.

Improve what everyone has known for a long time.
At the beginning of monetizing a blog it is important to promote popular products / services to avoid the outflow of customers.

Remind me about the opportunity to buy a product / service.
But do not intrude. Spoiled side panels of blogs, pop-ups, red buttons on the half-screen with the call “Buy immediately” cause tension.

In addition, remember that over time, potential customers form a “banner blindness.” Use native advertising to engage the target audience in further interaction. Also, alternate the tools and services for monetizing your blog.

5 tips for monetizing your blog, which give fast results

1. Advertise your products
Run a contextual advertising campaign from Google or host a banner of third-party advertisers – proven sources of passive income. You can earn 5-10 times more if, instead, you start promoting your products / services.

It can be:

  • e-books;
  • podcasts, webinars, recording of offline seminars;
  • personal consultation.

2. Promote in the blog of premium services
For example, your key products cost $ 300, $ 800 and $ 1600. Most people will say that the most expensive of the three are bought much less often. Hence, it is necessary to actively promote the first two.

Look at the situation from the other side. Indeed, 80% of the customer base, for various reasons, do not order an expensive product. There are 20% of those who are interested in it. Often, you can earn more if you pay attention to this segment. Let the informational article in the blog with the mention of the premium product become the first stages in the sales funnel.

3. Evaluate everything you do in the indicators
No matter how effective you are, your time, energy, money is limited. I know, thought seems banal. It is not that simple. I tell in order.

Bloggers regularly write articles, attend webinars and trainings, read books, create new products … To-do list can be continued. And further. And further. In this place it is time to recognize the obvious: it is impossible to do everything right and right away. How to deal with this? Concentrate on the key tasks. The rest – delegate.

For example, the goal is to expand the subscriber base by email for 100 people per month. You write author articles in the blog. This action takes 3 hours daily. 63 hours a month, if you work 21 days. Analytics shows that everything is going well. Users read the articles and then subscribe to the newsletter. An average of 90-100 people a month. Bingo! All perfectly.

Now you decide to conduct a free webinar. At the study of the topic, the creation of the presentation, the event itself took 27 hours for a working month. Based on the results of the webinar, you got 110 new subscribers. Attention: the question – which of the two actions is more effective for you? This example seems trivial. But the essence is obvious: consider every indicator of their activities so that profits grow.

4. When starting, focus on the daily increase in the audience
At the start, there are questions for what to grasp. To increase traffic:

  • Look for sites with similar topics, write guest posts with active links to the blog;
  • advertise content on social networks;
  • SEO remains in place – work on expanding traffic.

5. Attract advertisers
Advertising agencies that work directly with the business are in constant search of sites for the campaign. These 3 simple actions increase the chances of cooperation:

  • make a blog section “Advertising”;
  • place a marketing kit or briefly describe the main characteristics of your resource (data from Google Analytics);
  • Leave the contact for communication.

This is especially true if you promote a personal brand and look for additional sources for earning.

How else to earn on blogs on the Internet: the most effective methods
Affiliate programs bring money for the sale of goods / services of a particular person or company.
The principle of operation is simple. For example, your friend realizes the technique. Sales are with varying success. Thinking over the situation, you see that your business has a similar target audience. You can unobtrusively draw the attention of your customers to the techniques of a friend. To do this, place an article in the blog with a link where you mention the product, or a banner leading to a site with an assortment.

By agreement for each sale is guaranteed to receive a% of profits. So you and your acquaintance become partners. You benefit from such cooperation. It saves time, effort, cost of product manufacturing, service creation, promotion, customer service. All processes are handled by people from the team of the partner. You just have basic sales skills to make a profit.

Direct sale of advertising – at the expense of this tool of Internet marketing live news sites, large portals with a certain theme.
In short, resources with a wide audience reach and involvement. In this case, the blog is a concert venue. The advertiser is a guest artist.

Imagine that you are the owner of a stadium with a capacity of 70,000 people. You regularly conduct interesting events. Also actively engaged in promoting the site. Attract new viewers. You are loved, recommended, know on the market. The invited artist, who is also an advertiser in this example, sees your demand among other concert venues. He has a desire to come up with his repertoire to earn.

You agree on the terms. Provide for rent the whole area or part of it. Ensure the presence of the right number of interested viewers. Take on the decision of organizational and technical issues. If everything goes smoothly, and the report after the event corresponds to the declared indicators, you receive money.

Placement of banners – in every blog, regardless of the platform, there is a banner space. Special places for graphic images. Today there are many kinds of banners. The effectiveness of each depends on the goals of the advertising campaign.

There are 3 options for using banner space:

  • advertise your products / services;
  • make the blog attractive to advertisers;
  • connect Google AdSense.

Also you can use several options at the same time. In this case, conduct A / B-testing, so as not to overload users with the number of banners.

Are you still blogging from time to time? Yes, you can write interesting posts for the sake of just writing. You can go further and start earning on affiliate programs, placing advertising articles, banners. These tools are good if you perceive a blog as a hobby or promote a personal brand.

Remember, business opportunities are much broader. You are also an expert in a particular niche. A person who can act on behalf of the company. Earn on conducting webinars, offline events, selling books, consulting. Promote goods, services and profit from this.

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