Extensions for Working with Analytics

Extensions for Working with Analytics

With plugins and utilities in this category, you can find out site traffic, see links that help your audience see the site, download a map of clicks and links, and get data such as form analytics.

Google Analytics Debugger

The utility is able to extract data from code transmitted to Google Ads. in addition to information about successfully executed commands, the plugin warns by notifying of errors in the tracking codes.

It also helps to obtain information about all calls sent to the Google Analytics system. This approach allows you to systematically check the correctness of the Analytics settings.

The advantages of the plugin include its ability to track the type of problem in a timely manner and make it clear when it occurs on the part of the client, and when on the part of service owners. This will help avoid conflicts and better customize the site.

Table Booster for Google Analytics

This program is configured to track traffic using the method of associating the information with Google Analytics. Users like the convenient presentation of information in the form of diagrams, explanations, and classifications with a choice of criteria.

You can also highlight important details of analytics in the tables, which is very convenient for reporting and data collection.

Tag Assistant (by Google)

With the help of the extension, you can set the correct operation of the Google Analytics counter in a timely manner. After accessing the resource page, the service is able to automatically determine which utilities are working properly and where there are systematic errors. You can intuitively understand the degree of correct operation of the utility on a particular resource by the color of the icons.

Page Analytics (by Google)

With this extension for the Chrome browser, you can learn the behavior pattern of the main target audience.

It helps to analyze the customers who come to the site. Given that the bulk of the data is downloaded by the program directly from Google Analytics, you can clearly see what does not suit users and at what points it is important to place special emphasis.

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