How Internal and External Links Help Your Blog Strategy

How Internal and External Links Help Your Blog StrategyLink promotion was always a topical method to bring the site to the TOP 10 of the search results. This is especially true for promotion in Google. To exit by high-frequency queries, you just need to have a good reference profile. Links need to increase constantly. The more web resources link to your site, the better for promotion. There is a certain indicator PR, it shows how popular the site is and how much weight it has among the rest. Links are natural and SEO. Anchor and no anchor links.

There is a tacit recommendation that the ratio of the reference mass should be in the ratio of natural external links: 70/30 (no anchor/anchor). By following this rule, you can confidently move forward to increase the reference profile. Links can be from any sources: catalogs, forums, directories, review services, articles, social networks and any other sources where they can be placed. Separately, it is worth highlighting crowd links. What are they like? These are links posted in comments on various forums and services in which people describe their experience in using a particular service and indicate the source. Crowd links are useful in promoting those that give additional traffic to the site, and in most cases are open for indexing and transfer weight to the resource being promoted.

Crowd links help get traffic with user recommendations. They can be aimed at both the main page and a specific section of the site. They must be placed on the resources with the highest attendance. Then it will make sense. If you place links on sites that no one visits, and in addition to their TIC, or thematic citation index – 0, then there will be no sense from linking. Sites should be selected carefully. There are specific services that provide services for placing crowds of links. But it is better to place the placement of an experienced web studio or a private SEO specialist with extensive experience. The staff of web studios, faced with the promotion of sites every day, are well versed in these issues and can tell in which direction to go.

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