Should you be buying links for SEO in 2018

Should you be buying links for SEO in 2018Purchased links are divided into 2 types: Temporary and eternal.

Temporary links are those that are placed on the sites as long as you pay for them (usually pay monthly). That is, if you don’t pay for the accommodation on time for any reason, then the links are immediately removed, and, naturally, the entire effect they gave disappears.

Eternal links are set forever and payment for them occurs only once.

The Internet is full of controversy about how best to promote their projects. Both types of links have their pros and cons, from which to choose what is better to become more difficult. But that is what we will try to do in this article.

Temporary links


Payment of links and their placement occurs automatically. As a rule, on sites that trade in temporary links, the exchange code is placed, which automatically places these links. If there are not enough funds on your balance for payment, then they are also automatically withdrawn.
For temporary links do not need to overpay! Suppose if a donor came under any filter or flew out of the index, then the link can be easily removed.
Fortunately, temporary links are very cheap! For only $ 2-10 per month (or even less), you can advance on any request.


As a rule, in fact, high-quality sites will not trade in temporary links. And if you refer to low-quality sites, then the attitude towards you from the search engines worsen.
Temporary links are usually placed somewhere in the sidebar or footer of the site (Sometimes they even disguise themselves). Search engines do not like links that are not surrounded by text.
Imagine that you need to promote any request. You turn to the exchange, buy a lot of links and after a while you see a good effect. Positions increased and traffic, too.
But if the situation happens that the donor falls under the filter, all your links will be lost. And this means that the next Update will fall positions.

The worst thing here is not that you lose traffic, but that it will be very difficult to regain the trust of the search engine.

In general, temporary links are not used to promote serious requests. They are rather needed in order to tighten up the position of the request a little bit, if it is not far from the top.

Eternal links


They are placed forever, which means that the attitude of search engines to your site will only improve. Search engines do not like flashing links.

No need to constantly replenish the balance and monitor the payment. Paid and forgotten (But it is sometimes better to check whether your links are in place, as they are placed manually.)
Perpetual links look very natural, as they are usually always in the body of the article and surrounded by thematic text.


Compared to temporary links, the price of perpetual links is very high. and depends on the performance of the website.
Since the price is so high, you have to sacrifice the number of these links. And since there are not so many of them as needed, the result has to wait a lot longer.
These are probably the only drawbacks of eternal links.

Almost all popular bloggers advise to promote your site with just such links. Buying quality eternal links, you increase the credibility of the search engines.

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