Inbound Links in SEO

The discussion on the importance of inbound links in SEO was initiated a few days ago. The discussion revolves around why it should be paid attention to in case of website development. Even in case of simple renovation of website these points and similar discussions must be attention to as incorrect linking may be viewed as wrong by search-engine algorithms. Eventually, the website may suffer by getting downgraded to bottom pages of the search-results of popular search-engines. It may affect a website’s rank too which would make it difficult to be spotted by visitors. For commercial or official websites any negative effect would spell doom on it.

The general discussion on inbound links has been done. It is time that more specific points are discussed. The first to mention here is about widgets. A website with widgets may get punished on search-engines’ search-results. This is true only if another website has used keyword texts in widget to create link with your website. Considerable number of such links may grow the suspicion and it might appear that you are deliberately creating those links for your website. This is more dangerous in case of unnatural links that may lead to forfeit.

Second to inbound widget links are the paid links. Paid links may straight lead to penalty too. Links are good but links to or from website that spam too much may raise validity question about your website. Such links or practices draw attention towards the linking-techniques adopted for your website and may affect its position on search-engine’s search-results. The prospects of growth of a business with penalised website decrease manifolds. In fact, the business might become a victim of suspicion too.

The most frustrating situation arises when your website faces the risk of forfeit while the fault might not be yours. Such situations arise when other SEOs link to a website to promote their product or site. Although, the fault might not be yours, it becomes your liability to monitor such practices as your website might get affected at the end. Only keen scrutiny of the purpose of inbound link ensures legitimacy of your website and prevents its rank from getting affected.

All these may confuse you but these are the standard requirements of SEO. You have to be mindful of at least them to achieve and sustain the desired rank on the search-engine’s search-results. These points are more significant in prevention of your website from negative impact.

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