Psychology in Design. Principles Helping to Understand Users

Psychology in Design. Principles Helping to Understand UsersThe Internet has a great impact. Some users will read everything they read on the web for granted. Others have a reserved approach to online content, knowing the scale of the “fake news” phenomenon. These people are aware that trusted websites also use licks that affect the psyche of users. Psychological tricks on websites are designed to induce users to perform specific actions or to create specific feelings in them.

How does the Internet affect users?
This question can not be answered unequivocally because users are different, and counting and categorizing all websites is an impossible task. In a nutshell, however, it is possible that the content published on the web can put us in a good or bad mood, encourage people to make specific choices, impose an opinion on a subject – in the end, we accept it as our own. Websites have a huge impact.

Websites and psychological tricks

Already at the design stage of the website, the location of specific elements on the site is considered. Some of them occupy permanent positions, because we are used to such a location. Changing the location of the company’s logo, menu or contact data would meet with the opposition of many users. Part would feel confused and evaluate the changes as strange and unnecessary. Of course, changes are needed, but not too violent, or those that make it difficult to navigate the site. Of course, there is no top-down order that the element must be here or here, but if it is found, the user’s feelings are positive.

Website design

An important issue is also the ability to use the period of focused attention. This is a short period in which the user decides whether or not to take the reading. It should help him make this decision. How to do it? By posting a text that will look attractive. The text should be divided into paragraphs – the headings and spacing between paragraphs are milled. It is also worth taking care of the bold, bullets and other elements that will make reading easier.

Web pages can not be reloaded. The more elements that do not match, the worse the visitor experience. The websites should have harmony, it is also advisable to have free space. In addition, the types of fonts that we will use on the website are important. The font must be readable.

Colors and their importance in psychology

Colors have been given a specific meaning for a long time. That’s why choosing the colors for your brand and your website, we need to think carefully about what we want to associate with. Today’s websites often have a bright background and one strong, leading color. Thanks to the colors, website owners can in some sense control the feelings of users.

When building a website, we should stick to one color palette. There can be distinguished, and even “call to action” buttons. These are phrases calling for action and after clicking, redirecting to a specific place where it will be possible to perform this action. You should not forget about placing the CTA. Their distinction to really many users helps in making a decision regarding the purchase or subscription to the newsletter.

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