Key Characteristics of a Quality Content for Business

Key Characteristics of a Quality Content for Business3 main attributes of content for a business site

Each owner of the site perfectly understands that in order to promote this very site, he needs quality written content. But before you get to know the basic rules of their writing and design, you need to know what attributes of the content should be present in any article, given that business content are always aimed at solving specific tasks and achieving a certain result.

List of main attributes of content for promotion of a site

1. Clearly formulated goal

It would seem that any article a priori has a purpose and must fulfill the task set before it. But, unfortunately, many authors forget about this point. For example, when an online store needs to write content in the “Product Description” section, many perceive it on the forehead and describe the color, size, shape of the product, and everything ends there.

Although in fact, it is necessary to nail the product, talk about its merits, because such content are created in order to increase the number of orders, convince people that they need this particular product.

Therefore, when you write another article, ask yourself why you write it.

If to attract customers and increase sales, then try to indicate all the advantages of the product, to interest the client.
If, suppose, you create content for the “Payment and Delivery” section, then try to provide as complete, accessible and clear information as possible so that the customer immediately understands all the nuances of the purchase of the product.

2. Positioning of goods

Want your article to beat all the records and attract thousands of customers to the item? Then tell people about its unique properties. The main objective of positioning is for a person to look at the product, not even seeing the product, as a solution to his problem.

By purchasing a refrigerator, we solve the problem of storing products.
When buying a vacuum cleaner, we solve the problem of quick cleaning in the house and so on.
Therefore, all you need is to convey to the client all the usefulness of the product, its positive qualities (practicality, reliability, low price, ease of use, and so on).

This is the first way.

The second way is to position, say, the same TV, not only as a TV, but as a means of obtaining new information, providing a pleasant rest, entertainment, and the like.

Both of these methods will bring a definite result, the main thing is to properly communicate information to a person and to take into account who exactly this information is calculated.

3. Talk to the audience in one language

What does that mean? Before you start writing an article, think about the target audience: who will read your content? Ordinary person who wants to buy a product or use a service, or employees of a specialized company who need specific information and dry facts. Naturally, it is necessary to write in a simple and accessible language.

But in the first case, you can afford to use various quotations, interesting phrases, the same lines of songs, write with such simple and understandable words as if you are currently talking to a person looking into his eyes. It’s easier to reach out to potential customers, because they have the feeling that they are communicating with their close friend. Plus, accessibility, ease of perception of this information is also important.

In the second case, there is no need to spray on epithets and beautiful phrases. A person in need of specific information will not appreciate this. He just needs to know what properties the product possesses, how much it costs and how to buy it. But this does not mean that you need to scatter with mean words and a huge amount of facts. Everything needs to be used in a measure.
As you can see, if you already know that there are certain attributes of the content, and each content must have a purpose and perform certain functions, then before you sit down for writing the content, think about why and for whom you create it.

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