Email Marketing Secrets to Acquire and Retain More Customers

Email Marketing Secrets to Acquire and Retain More CustomersSurely you are familiar with the situation when new visitors to the site receive the necessary information and go away forever without having performed the targeted action. Here you can talk for a long time about the fact that the site is uncomfortable or the content is not informative, but the fact remains that most transitions do not bring results. Correctly organized email-mailings will help to correct this situation.

What are email-lists and how do they work?

Email-lists are an integral part of the email marketing complex. They are a series of thematic letters with useful information for subscribers.

When email recipients are mentioned, the word “spam” pops up in the head. These are different things. On an email-mailing list, users subscribe voluntarily, they are interested in receiving information from you and can unsubscribe at any time.

Properly composed email-lists are beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Establishing a connection with the target audience. With the help of mailings you “catch” users who came to your site, do not let them forget about you.
  2. Increasing loyalty. Regular useful mailings in some way tie the subscribers to you – the brand is already associated not only with the attempt to sell a product or service, but also with constructive interaction.
  3. Wide opportunities for targeting. If you properly divide subscribers into segments, then you can point out the sentences. So it is possible to achieve high returns.
  4. Rapidly mobilize the audience. Users read the letters mostly within the first 24 hours. And if you need to quickly attract the attention of the audience, then the newsletter will help to do this.
  5. High probability of delivery of the message to the addressee. If your address is not listed by the mail service in the list of spammers, then it is likely that your letter will be noticed at least. And if you pick the right heading, then the percentage of reading will increase.
  6. Saving on advertising. Mailing lists cost a lot less than contextual advertising, and the return is higher, because you work with users who have already shown interest.
  7. Ease of effectiveness evaluation. With the help of UTM-tags, you can accurately track which letters the users came from and click on which links, as well as their further actions on the site.

There are email-lists according to this scheme:

  • the user goes to the site and leaves contact information (he can leave an email in exchange for a promotional code, a useful book or access to a demo version, register on the site, subscribe to a newsletter in a special form, or simply make a purchase, agreeing to receive an e-mail when ordering) becoming a subscriber;
  • the subscriber periodically receives useful messages from you (these can be special offers, promotional codes, newsletters, surveys, etc.);
  • the subscriber commits targeted actions (goes to the site, puts estimates, buys goods, recommends the site to friends).

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