Digital Marketing Trends 2018

Digital Marketing Trends 2018Internet marketing continues to conquer the world and to take away from the traditional ways of advertising market share. It’s not strange, because to hit the very point and work with the most targeted audience can only digital marketing. The rapid development of Internet marketing generates constant changes that relate to strategies and technologies. To be in the top, you need to keep up with the latest trends, be always in a trend. Let’s analyze the main trends, which we will definitely see next year:

Video. The trend, which gained great popularity in 2017, will continue its growth in 2018. Already now, more than 100 million users watch online video every day. It is expected that next year about 75% of Internet traffic will capture video. It promotes memorability of the brand and increases loyalty among the audience, stimulates purchases, promotes the brand as effectively as possible. Use video marketing is beginning to be more and more business players. The one who starts earlier will get more. The later start – the more difficult it will be to infiltrate this trend.

Authenticity. The Internet was flooded with images after processing with different filters, Photoshop. Now a new trend has emerged – authenticity, naturalness. Let this or that your illustration be imperfect, but it will be real and natural, it will cause much more emotion in people than an “smoothed” picture.

Messengers. Of course, they completely do not move email marketing, but its positions will be shaken more than ever. Email marketing, at least in its classic form, is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Messengers are a new effective way of communicating with the audience. According to statistics, they are already used by more people than ordinary social networks and this involvement will grow in the future. Marketing in messengers is not the future, it is already a reality.

Adaptability on mobile devices. The percentage of people using PCs is falling, more and more people are leaving for mobile devices (tablets, smartphones). If your sites are not adapted for mobile platforms, your business is losing more and more potential customers.

Interesting and useful content. Google’s search robots are developing faster, constantly improving search engine algorithms. One of the main directions of their development is the definition of the usefulness of content for users. Analyzing behavioral factors, Googlebots raise above sites with interesting and fascinating content that attract attention of Internet users. In the future, such a trend will only gain momentum. Therefore, if your site lacks interesting texts, this can be a serious problem for promotion. And even if your site is an online store, a blog with useful articles (for example, with recommendations for the operation of goods) will not be superfluous.

E-mail marketing of the new generation. As it was said above, this type of Internet marketing will not completely lose its relevance. And if it is also adapted to the current market conditions, it can still be quite effective. Now e-mail newsletters should be as thoughtful and point-like. Be extremely informative and at the same time laconic, exclude intrusiveness. Try, for example, to do newsletters once a month, placing several messages in each email.

Interaction and involvement. Forget about the pride of coverage, the number of visitors and subscribers of your site or page on Facebook. Without a high level of involvement, they do not mean anything. The lower its level, the lower your resource or page will go down in the ranking of algorithms that will automatically reduce their availability and will be classified as irrelevant and passive. Remember, the main involvement and interaction of users with your materials.

Internet marketing is developing at an incredible rate, and it’s not everyone who can keep up with new trends. First of all, due to the lack of a quality and well thought-out marketing strategy. Whatever trends you know, without a strategy, without a deep analysis of your business, it will be a path to nowhere.

The effectiveness of your marketing campaigns will be appreciated by a competent analyst. Tools in Internet marketing – a huge amount. Something will suit you, something not. But having an understanding of what will be relevant in the next year, it will be easier for you to analyze the effectiveness of your business and be on the brink of change.

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