Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Social Media Marketing for BusinessesSMM, or marketing in social networks is now at everyone’s ears. Everyone understands that it is necessary to promote the company in social networks. But here’s how to do it right? Let’s try to answer the most common questions in this vein.

Determine what you expect from networks: the growth of conversions, direct sales, the creation of an expert reputation or all at once? It is important to determine what and how often you will write and why visitors should read you. Try to find out the problem your target audience is facing, and talk about your product or service as a solution. For example, a company engaged in robotics, can lay out a video about how to make an elementary robot from improvised means.

Do not overdo it in pursuit of creativity. The content must meet the previously stated goal.

The amount of “useful” and entertaining content and information about the company should be approximately equal.

The content must be unique and original. Refuse reprints of press releases from your own site. It is better to tell what expert expert you managed to meet and attach a joint photo.

If a startup makes an innovative product, explain how it will change the life of the customer. If parts for a prototype plasma screen are delivered by sea, show the loading process in the port and track the movement in their posts.

“The leader of the pack” should be actively present in social networks. Add friends and potential customers, subscribe to their updates. Try to match age and status. It is better not to ask questions that will be given out to you by someone who is not knowledgeable in business, but to ask for advice on issues in which you are not an expert is not at all disgraceful.

It is necessary to write about goals and successes, even small ones. This will attract investors’ attention. You should not talk about problems.

The startup often finds an investor thanks to the charisma of the manager.

The tape of many users is already full of low-grade content, so enough three posts a day. Give users time to evaluate the content and share it with others. Try to hook the subscriber first sentence. The “rule of 7 seconds” operates on the Internet: if you do not keep up, the reader will go to another page.

Many are panic-stricken to write about competitors. This mistake can be expensive for you – the social network in social networks disappoints the audience.

Place in your community a link to a survey conducted by competitors. Recognize that they have done a good job.

Let subscribers know about it from you and see that you are not afraid to talk about other people’s achievements. Information “clamp” will create the feeling that you are not confident in yourself or, on the contrary, too self-assured. Congratulate colleagues on the awards and victories in the competitions. And even better – make a joint photo with the winner. The competitor can always become a partner, client or contractor.

Ignoring and removing critical remarks can cause even more damage to reputation than the comment itself. If you are accused of producing substandard products, you must immediately answer, relying on facts, not emotions. If you do not say anything, the network will spread rumors and speculation. It is also polite to react to the grammatical or factual errors in the posts noted by readers and the reproaches in creating poor-quality content. Thank the user for his observation and correct the error. If you think that everything is in order, ask what exactly he is indignant about.

It is absolutely unacceptable to argue, criticize, excuse, ignore questions and requests from subscribers.

Sometimes when working in social networks, there are lucky accidents that help the project “shoot.” Once such gift was received by the manufacturer of tourist equipment. Employees of the company went on an expedition and actually conducted a test drive of their products. Travel photos they posted in social networks. The number of reposts increased several times. This happens infrequently, but even if this happens, do not lose your head. If you stop posting interesting content, you will quickly be forgotten.

The effect of working in social networks will appear not earlier than in six months. Several thousand subscribers say that you are a “leader of opinions” or at least an interesting person. The thematic communities of subscribers are many times larger, but the mass character is not the main thing. It is more important to form a loyal audience.

And look in the statistics. If the figures do not grow within six months, it’s time to change the strategy.

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