Increase Your Google PageRank

Increase Your Google PageRankAny creator or owner of the site has not once encountered such a concept as Page Rank (PR). Page Rank is the rating of a page or site on which the level in the results produced by search engines depends. The level is calculated from 0 to 10. Often the rating depends on the links that are on other sites with a high rating. Clearly, PR is important for any project, because in this way we achieve additional referrals by reference. Everyone understands that the user, who with the help of the search engine has decided to find this or that information, often uses the first results. These sites have a high rating. There are many ways to achieve an increase in PR. Each of them is effective and more acceptable in this or that situation. Do not forget that the service may not be free.

Let’s consider some ways of raising PR without spending money and on our own.

1. Properly rewrite the resource. There are several ways to re-link the resource. You can choose one of them or use several at the same time, but do not overdo it. Using a complex method, you will achieve more performance for the site or a separate page. A living example is Wikipedia, where each article has links and footnotes, from where the information was taken. In this way, we tell the world about our existence accurately and unconcernedly. Whether the link to our resource will go – the question of time and user desires.

2. Use backlinks from external resources that have high PR indicators. For example, by registering on a forum where you can insert links into a profile or in direct discussions, you can insert a link to your resource. Some of the forums support indexing. Why not take advantage of this?

3. Dofollow blogs. Another interesting and useful thing, like Dofollow blogs. It should be noted immediately that this is a kind of blog where the search engines allow indexing of links. “How to use it to your advantage?” – you ask. Quite simply! By registering on such a blog, you register yourself as a separate project, and not as a blog visitor. That is, if a person clicks on your profile in a blog, it will fall on the resource created by you. Thus, indexing occurs. You will only need to visit these blogs from time to time (the list can be found on the Internet, there are not many of them) and leave comments there. Comments should be left deliberate on the topic, with a detailed answer, so that the search engine does not suspect a bad one. In addition, every comment is checked by the administration. If you break one of the rules of the blog, you will be banned, and this is not good. It’s best to choose a few topical blogs so that it’s fun to read them and leave comments. A periodic reminder of yourself can boost your PR, while completely free.

4. Regular updating of the content. One of the effective ways to increase PR. The work is not difficult. You can search for content yourself, creating unique articles (do not forget to check their program antiplagiarism!), And you can entrust this case to the copywriter, but for the money. There are several options. If your resource (or several resources) requires constant updating, then it is better to entrust the masters, and to check their work and post content themselves.

5. The presence of the site in the DMOZ directory. This resource also contributes to the rating upgrade. But getting there is not so simple. Therefore, this way to take advantage of the best in the last place, if you find more detailed information about this method.

Each of these ways can raise the rating of your page. Reasonable approach will allow to untwist the project, make it more attractive and profitable. If you can not manage on your own, ask for advice from the master or contact him for the service.

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