Can Your Website be SEO’ed for Bing Search Engine

seo 08 Understanding Bing to maximize your SEO

Yes your website can be search engine optimized for Bing search engine. However you do need to understand Bing to get the most out of SEO and while there are far more people using Google search engine there are still a good number of people using Bing and it makes no sense to ignore these potential customers when you optimize your website.

Don’t always assume that SEO optimization which works for Google will work for Bing. This is less and less the case and to best illustrate this ewe need to look at what influences how Bing arrange their results.

Click-rate is a major part of how Bing decide on what to show and things like trust factors are not as important as in Google. This means for your SEO to be effective you need to choose highly relevant keywords and then choose highly relevant titles and descriptions, you should do this for Google anyway but this is more important in Bing. Read more …

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