Is Influencer Marketing Worth The Investment?

Is Influencer Marketing Worth The Investment?Consumers are less and less trusting in advertisements – both on television and on the Internet. We can invest a lot of money in Google Ads and the Facebook campaign, but because of the widespread use of Adblock, this type of promotion will not always achieve the assumed ROI.

SEO activities are also not a guarantee of marketing success. It may turn out that despite considerable traffic on the website, potential customers will not be willing to make transactions. Purchase decisions – as shown by numerous studies – depend to a large extent on the recommendation of the product by a trusted person, especially family members, friends and experts. Therefore, influencer marketing is a service that is worth a closer look.

Who is influencer?
Influencer is a person who is the opinion leader in a selected category of products or services. Usually, internet bloggers, vloggers as well as celebrities who have social media accounts play this role. They gather around them a wide group of avid fans who are ready to take any purchase decision on the recommendation of their idol. Influencer is perceived as an expert, which one thinks to count.

Influencer marketing is therefore an activity that allows you to significantly increase the reach of the impact of your brand or online store. The task of the opinion leader will be to subtly convince readers to take advantage of your offer. It will take actions to increase brand awareness and image in the eyes of consumers. This method is therefore an excellent solution in order to position products against the competition.

Why is it worth to bet on influencer marketing

Why is it worth to bet on influencer marketing?
First of all, because it is the best way to increase the brand’s recognition in a short time and to strengthen its capital. It is worth using the influencers service simultaneously with other Internet marketing techniques, such as Facebook ads, contextual advertising, content marketing or SEO activities. High positions at Google will direct potential customers to your company’s website, and the influencer’s command will make the chance for high conversion increase significantly.

This type of marketing does not have to be as expensive as it may seem – if you do not intend to use the services of the most recognizable celebrities. You may as well go to the owners of popular blogs, but they are only popular in a small group of people who are part of your potential customer segment. Even relatively small money will be a big motivation for them to cooperate with you. If, on the other hand, you are the owner of a recognizable brand, then the motivating factor may be the prestige associated with the possibility of promoting it.

How does it look in practice?
In order to employ an influencer, you can use online platforms that gather such people or find them on your own. The first solution is more comfortable, but usually more expensive and less effective. Once you have chosen the leader of the opinion, his task will be to mention your brand in one of the following places:

  • in the content of the blog,
  • in the comments,
  • on the internet forum,
  • on social media.

The most effective are influencers’ entries referring to their own experience as part of using the products you offer. So let’s make sure that the expert just posted this type of information. If it is, for example, a footwear brand – influencer can write about the fact that purchased shoes surprised him with high durability, attractive price or higher comfort compared to competitive footwear brands. Customer’s readiness to buy will increase significantly when it hits a relation referring to the world of experiences and emotions of the opinion leader.

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