Important Things About SEO in 2013

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SEO has become a common phenomenon for getting the website ranked well. But the techniques change and people should be aware of the latest methods that can help them adapt with the new changes. This year there are host of changes that should be adopted to createa search engine friendly site and make it the best kin 2013. One should inculcate the tag rel=author in his pages and other blog posts. It would help the blog become influential and remain connected with other authors. If the authors have got good reputation then it will surely benefit your site. Building a nice reputation will improve the ranking of the site and make it search engine favorite.

SEO has never been easy and with the development of new forms of media this becomes more complicated for the webmasters. This year people should focus on utilizing facebook shares, Google+, and different forms of social media to make their content famous. With this more people will get to know your site and the visitor count will increase automatically. An increase in the traffic is always good for the site and helps in the revenue generation process.

In 2013 while going through the SEO process you should make your site mobile friendly as there has been huge increase in the use of mobile and some of the latest devices. With this your marketing efforts will become much easier and your contents will be viewed by a larger audience. Today more than 16% of the searches come from people using mobile devices and the webmasters should try to take the advantage of all these facts. The site must be user friendly and must be easier to navigate. Avoiding complicated design will also bring good amount of unique visitors.

One should also integrate PR and SEO together to optimize the site properly. This will lead to optimizing by including primary keywords in press releases and different social media shares.Google+ sharing option should be present on every page of the site as this has become one very important aspect for optimizing the site. Just going through simple SEO process will not be able to help in 2013 as there are new developments like PPC, and the amount of usability. The main aim should be integrating well with all the things in today’s online world and remaining updated with the new tools. If the plan goes well then the site can surely rule the year.

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