Importance of Rel=Author Tag and Its Significance towards Google Authorship

People who are aware of different search optimization aspects might also know the importance of the tag known as “rel=author”. This tag actually helps in establishing authority in results offered by Google search. The declaration of the authorship makes articles appear with the image of person who has written it in search results presented by Google.

The best part about this tag is that it makes articles distinct from other articles and even presents the visitor with several other articles penned by the person when they click on the byline. If a person wants a logo to turn up instead of an image then that isn’t possible presently. Real person images are required for authorship. It is also possible for a person to attribute authorship towards any page. But, that can be achieved only on pages which have actually been penned by that person consisting clear byline. Search optimization like authorship to forum posts is not at all possible.

Multiple authorships are another thing which hasn’t yet been addressed by Google and limited to one person only. However, future updates might make that possible too. Authorship when not required (i.e. images not appearing beside articles), it is better not to add markup so as to make Goggle+ profile undiscoverable. Google+ profile can be connected to some specific page with the help of “rel=author”. Businesses of different types can connect Google+ Page along with their websites with the assistance of a tag known as “rel=publisher”. These are crucial for making websites better optimized.

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