Questions Associated with Link Purchasing, 301 Redirects and PageRanks Answered by Google’s Matt Cutts

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Matt Cutts, SEO expert and webspam head at Google, is a one-stop solution provider for matters related to SEO and helping out users all over in making their sites to rank higher in when one searches in Google.

At the discussion, the first question was with the usage of 301 redirects and how it influences PageRank. Using 301s are now an all-time high as most of the users believe that it helps in preserving PageRank than normal links. Matt said otherwise, as he believes that as normal weblinks and 301s carry pretty similar weight, it’s the user’s responsibility to make his preferred choice.

Backlinks related questions were next as one user asked on how some sites, mainly consisting of backlinks that are of poor quality, succeeds in qualifying higher for some particular keywords. Matt was quick to identify that and answered that in such cases the algorithm fails to gather everything. Chances also exists that the weblinks seen by the user  might not be the full picture of the website. Such a thing suggests that their exists some very good backlinks to the site which was missed by the user, resulting in casting a false cover in showing that the website was full of SEO spam.

Before the discussion got wrapped up, the last topic for the day was linked to the websites which are selling links. If it comes to the picture that a particular website is engaging itself in selling weblinks, then all those links coming from that particular website shall not be trusted in future, and it’ll get heavily penalized, which will result in massive loss of PageRank of that website. If, by any chance, a user comes in possessing links from this particular website, then the user won’t be facing a penalty for it but the PageRank which got accumulated during the process will get reduced.

The business of SEO is a tricky one for those who are not 100% sure of the concept. One needs to appreciate the efforts of Matt for making time from his schedule and answering such complicated questions linked to SEO and helping in putting light to such complex subjects that have posed complications and problems since its inception.

The option of trial-and-error is a popular practice for most users who are delving into the concept of SEO‘s. So, one needs to pay extra attention to these discussions and Matt’s advices, before one starts on practicing plenty for optimizing sites. As the concept of SEO is always in the process of changing every day, it’s up to the users to stay updated regarding the process and getting oneself notified with the recent developments surrounding it.

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