SEO Questions Answered by Matt Cutts

Google’s Matt Cutts recently clarified some questions regarding SEO in his channel on Youtube. The first among these is that whether websites will requires lot of texts. This question came from a user who experienced bounce rate reduction when he opted for more images than texts.

However Matt Cutts still believes that texts will always be of great importance to Google. In cases where one’s site mainly comprises of images, then one should include the texts in the “Alt” tag. On the other hand if images itself includes some text, then one should type in the text in that “Alt” tag which shall enable the search engines to see it. One can also opt for the Google Web Fonts that results in great content and design of the site which encourages user interaction in a more massive way. Also, one can still “Copy+Paste” the texts, which is important for a great user experience.

The next question regarding SEO was related to the nofollow links, where a user asked Mr. Cutts that how can Google differentiate between legal links to popular sites without using nofollow and creating paid links. Google becomes extra-careful when determining links as paid. After all, it has severe consequences and it hates to penalize a website without any reason. Before a website gets penalized, it usually does have a long history of its usage of paid links, which will no longer be trusted later.

In other words, if one links to something and not get paid for that, then the thing is probably okay. This is the reason, links will always exist. One just needs to be honest and transparent with their practices and work, and everything will work great.

This SEO thing can prove to be quite tricky and one can get involved easily in its fine details. But now and then, it is always important to step back for a while and view the bigger picture at display, even if one has to let go of the fiddly bits. That is okay, as optimization and web design is about giving the user the best experience possible. One just needs to see that it is worthwhile for the people, and the results will always follow. All these answers certainly would help the professionals learn about the recommended ways to do SEO.

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