Link building pros, cons and significance in the near future

Link building pros, cons and significance in the near future To ensure a successful SEO, the importance of link building cannot be ignored. There was a time when achieving a high rank in the search engines wasn’t a problem. However, Google started imposing various restrictions to check the rules violating practices. SEOs responded to this by showing respect to the limits which were imposed on them. Presently, the companies cannot rank high in Google by mere exploitation of unsustainable techniques which are against the limits. Link building involves optimization of a website through quality original content and right practices to gain the legitimate back links. There are quite positive indications of Google valuing links as a parameter with search ranking. Some of the highly reliable and important changes to methods in link building can be guessed as below:

Links remain an important part of Algorithm   

In terms of being a favorable search factor, linking isn’t going anywhere. These are deeply embedded into the algorithm to be extricated completely. It is not possible to get an algorithm which disregards links.

Algorithm will be more accustomed to illegal forms in link building

Google maintains the recognition and penalty of the illegal techniques of link building. It may continue as with each of the penguin iteration, there is tightening against the spam related link building. Google will never support spam in every dark and disgraceful form. Algorithm may turn smarter to observe the hidden evils in linking which should not be rewarded.

The algorithm may move towards powerful alternate signals

Google is likely to be staying away from considering link as the ranking factor. The key algorithm

changes aim to fight spam, particularly spammy back links. Similarly, there should be something for its replacement as the ranking factor. Among the options, Google has shown the things which improve the quality of a site. Content is the one which should be well written, long form, and high quality. Security is a factor as https ranking signals algorithm indicates.

The algorithm may prefer to view brand authority, co-occurrence and co-citation

The non-direct link building forms i.e. co-occurrence and co-citation are factors which are pre-assumed elements of algorithm. They’ll keep on rising in terms of significance and brand authority is a parallel reason. As per some observations, SEO and brand authority are blended into just one strong search entity. A brand’s authority and strength isn’t dependable on cultural hatchet anymore but only with overall referencing and online presence along digital landscape.

Evolution of search practices in users

Flexible technology is more common which is gradually leading to decline in traditional search techniques. It is not possible to predict the direction where the user search techniques are moving into. Dependency on Google has decreased as the marquee factor with link authority and rankings.

A rise in the social search

Many people conduct searches along their individual social networks and don’t trust Google. For example, when people want to know best brand of lifestyle shoes, users tend to query their individual social network and not Google. Social media is rising constantly in the functional usage.

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