What it takes to get Search Engine Optimization to work

What it takes to get Search Engine Optimization to workThe strategy for SEO functioning once revolved around identification of keywords relevant to the business, received maximum traffic and weren’t quite competitive. It was all about figuring out five to ten keywords which were ‘golden’ and inserting it within the major part of traffic. Those focusing mainly on a limited group of the generic keywords are unlikely to be found in searches by maximum people. The truth is not a single keyword or a smaller group will drive substantial traffic to any site.

In the present times, SEO is primarily driven by the natural language search. It involves people      engaged in searches which are mainly in form of normal questions instead of one or two keywords. The reason behind such happenings is the increased use of tools such as Google Now and Siri. It speaks the searches of people compared to merely typing them. These days’ people include more details into their own typed searches while looking for their needs. As such, these are more relevant owing to the inclusion of more details and traffic out of such keywords provide higher conversion rate.

SEO firms aim for high rankings as the output in order to sell due to emotional satisfaction. However, unless it leads to better sales or lead generation, there isn’t a point in achieving such rankings. The time taken for this SEO to generate many leads and sales depends on certain factors. How long the site has been there, SEO done with it, link profile, content quality and other factors are mainly responsible. Mentioned below is about the efforts and the outcomes it might bring.

First month:

Keyword strategy, planning, website audit, research & discovery should be done fast. It will allow the technical changes to take place in the first month itself.

Second month:

Depending upon site audit outcomes, start the technical work such as making certain adjustments

and modification. Overhauling the website could take months to actually happen. Consequently, content building and link building could be done simultaneously during this period.

Third month:

Focus on the creation of content which includes blogging, FAQs, expanded company and products information etc. Improvement in the rankings might be visible at the month end. Whenever these translate into either leads or sales, then it could be even better.

Fourth month:

Continuing content building, website optimization, and developing healthy link profile take place. A marked rise in rankings, website traffic and leads can be expected.

Fifth month:

The content may be amplified by incorporating the social (new) media management to increase the direct traffic. It may lead to natural and healthy link profile to generate leads ultimately. Content creation along with media outreach and PR activities can be pursued at this juncture

Sixth month

Add conversion rate optimization into overall efforts in order to improve upon the traffic received converting into both leads and sales. Focus on the content creation and its promotion from this juncture onwards. SEO is undoubtedly a marketing strategy which takes place over a longer period of time. With proper planning, it can provide the best possible return on investment.

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