How to Make Your Offer More Attractive

How to Make Your Offer More AttractiveCommercial offers are sent daily. Potential clients receive several such documents per day. To stand out among competitors, you need to adapt your commercial offer so that it is more attractive than theirs.

Interested in price

A commercial offer without specifying specific prices is not that. Most likely, it will not be considered. This is a common mistake.

How to interest a potential customer:

  • Offer a more favorable price relative to competitors.
  • Make the price more attractive.
  • With the first option there will be no problems. What if the competitors’ prices are similar or lower:
  • Offer several tariffs to choose from;
  • Improve the conditions of a favorable price. If the competitor has a value of 100 units of production, the commercial offers can set a lower threshold at 50 or less;
  • Suggest an addition. A gift always attracts attention;
  • Justification of the price. The client can attract decoding of the elements included in the cost;
  • Offer an additional service.

Attractive delivery

Delivery can be essential for many product groups. How to make it more attractive:

  • several delivery options;
  • speed;
  • packaging;
  • Insurance of departure;
  • price (can be free).

The photo of the packed goods can convince the client that his order will be protected.

A discount

The price reduction should be carried out on certain conditions. Discounts work if they do not look like charity.

There are many variants of discount:

  • time;
  • situation;
  • event;
  • personal discount;
  • payment option;
  • for long-term cooperation (subscription);
  • relationship (affiliate discount, first purchase).


Indication of the possibility of receiving a gift in addition to the basic purchase. Many organizations do not reflect the availability of presents. This can be an advantage.

There are several characterizing gift rules:

  • refers to the basic product, complements it, expands opportunities;
  • is not useless;
  • substantially lower than the main commodity at cost;
  • instead of one there can be several gifts;
  • choice. If the client has several options for the presentation, he can choose the most useful for him. Having a choice gives the buyer a sense of control;
  • you can reflect the cost of the presentation (if appropriate);
  • should tell about how the gift complements the main product and helps the client.

Enhancement of guarantees

There are different types of guarantees. You can not limit yourself to a promise of a return of goods. Wide opportunities are opened when the service is offered. You can guarantee impressions, pleasure and other emotions from its use. If the high quality is promised, this must be confirmed clearly. The realizations of this task are facilitated by facts, figures and other information.

Shorten the time frame

If the cost of services is higher than that of competitors, you can offer more tight deadlines. This refers to the delivery. Many customers prefer to pay more, but get a purchase faster. It is not necessary to mean the speed of the provision of services or the arrival of goods. A significant advantage can be the rapid effect of use.

Several variants

Commercial offers can offer several packages of services at different rates. Due to this, the client gets a choice and feels control over the situation. The differentiated packages may be compared to the potential buyer. Thus they mask the high price of the basic offer.

Easy payment

Calculation for services can be viewed from 2 points of view:

  • the form. Cash, non-cash, transfer, electronic payment systems, barter;
  • method. Advance payment, internal credit, partial settlement, deferral.

By offering several options for calculations, you can attract more customers. This is due to the fact that it is not known in advance which method or form of payment is convenient for a particular buyer.

Additional service and solid design of the commercial offer

The offer of additional opportunities always attracts the attention of buyers. Quality service creates a positive reputation regardless of the field of activity.
The commercial offer is an informal document. This provides an opportunity to experiment with the design, insert photos, infographics and other data. So you can stand out against the background of competitors.

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