3 Factors That Impact Ecommerce Sales

3 Factors That Impact Ecommerce SalesWhen the site already has a flow of visitors, you need to start working on converting visitors to customers or other useful activities.

This article is about 3 important components on the site that affect sales and which can be influenced in terms of improvement, in order to obtain the necessary actions from visitors.

It would seem that there would be visitors, then there will be sales. But as practice shows, not everything is so simple, and in order to understand the picture more, let’s imagine:

You drive a keyword into the search box, for example: buy a laptop. You go to the site, but there is an uncomfortable catalog, there are no comparison filters, uncomfortable navigation. The question is, how long will you stay on this site?

Most likely, the answer will be no. If the visitor is uncomfortable and not clear, he will not stay there for long, and he will hardly come to you again.

I propose to consider the 3 most important components for increasing sales from the site:

1. Usability or convenience

Usability refers to at least such moments:

  • design
  • structure
  • navigation
  • convenience
  • simplicity

The design or interface must solve the tasks of users. Namely, it is clear and clear to guide the visitor to the target action.

Which design works best?

The answer is not even large online stores and recognizable brands. The only way to verify this is to constantly test, identify effective and leave the most normal option.

It is the convenience of the site that affects sales. If you position yourself as a large online online store, but look like an old shabby garage, then you risk losing a large percentage of buyers all the time.

2. Content on the site

The content on the site should clearly describe the product, product and service. Show clear benefits to potential customers and encourage them to act.

The main task of the text:

  • attract attention
  • show benefits
  • show solution
  • call to action

But besides the selling or stimulating function, the content should be understandable, and not written in one big paragraph, but broken into short ones so that they are better perceived for the visitor.

It is to the content that many site owners do not pay due attention. And in vain!

From our practice, the content is a very powerful tool for persuading and pushing the visitor to do the right action from him, an application, a call, a registration or a purchase.

For sites selling the service – the content is component number 2, which you need to constantly work on, improve, test for feedback and leave the most effective.

3. Testimonials and recommendations

Any owner of the online store will confirm that, if there are any reviews on the product, he sells much better than without them.

On the sites providing services the same moment, the recommendations of other companies and portfolio influences the decision to work or not.

Therefore, on the websites selling services at least you can deliver:

  • Recommendations (scan the document and hang it on the site)
  • Certificates (confirming the expert in the field of your business)
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Customer Portfolio
  • Video reviews (one of the most pushing to action)

Any moment from this list can affect the sale from the site. Therefore, we do not forget about such simple and at the same time important moments.

It is important: most customers of online stores have a key price decision, and in order for this not to be key, you need to increase brand recognition and loyalty to it.

The same applies to sites that provide services. It is necessary to increase the value of services, and not to reduce the price.

Picture Credit:  mohamed_hassan

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